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Wer eine gepflegte und regelmäßig aktualisierte Alternative sucht, kann unter anderem auf PDF-XChange, PDF Creator und PDFCreator ausweichen. 4. Juli Ende Juni wurde die beliebte PDF-Software FreePDF eingestellt und Zudem bietet der PDF-Creator die Möglichkeit PDF-Dokumente auch in. Mit dem Konverter-Werkzeug Hodes PDF to Word Converter lassen sich PDFs in DOC- oder RTF-Dokumente umwandeln.

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PDFCreator creates professional PDFs with just a few clicks and it's free. PDFCreator comes with many professional features to merge. PDF Architect ist die günstige Alternative zu teurer PDF-Software. Schon die kostenlose Grundversion von PDF Architect erlaubt Ihnen, Seiten zu betrachten, . the two-click privacy implementation from the publisher heise from Germany. But we have also released PDFCreator and thus slashdotted ourselves.

To protect your privacy while at the same time providing an easy way to interact with us, we have implemented the two-click privacy implementation from the publisher heise from Germany. If you are interested in the details, you can read the original article german. It has taken a bit of time, but finally the french translation at fr. There are of course some parts of the site that are untranslated this blog, for example , specially in areas, that need frequent updates. As we do not speak French, this will remain this way, but ensures that the information are up to date. For many years now, we are using Drupal as our content management system. It has served us well and over some versions so far. As more visitors arrived, we had to enable different ways of caching and optimize the size of the pages, to keep the server load under control. As you will have noticed, the new site had some problems during the day. We did not change anything fundamental in technicals means. We have rearranged the pages and made everything look better.

You could see the result, that it may have taken a while until the http request was served if it was very crowded.

Free PDF Printing for Windows without Adware

In the end, that also did not help anymore and the performance was very poor. Actually, I have been spammed with mails from our monitoring system telling that the server load is very high.

Finally, we have moved to our new server last night. It smoothly serves the requests now and still leaves room for more requests. Today we again had massive performance problems on the web server for several hours.

Now it is fixed in a way that sounds strange, but makes sense when you think about it. Some facts: We had hits on the web server file accesses like html files, images etc in the whole month of june.

Of these hits access the update.

This makes more than 3 update. Practically, we get up to about 50 hits per second. Skip to main content. Home Website Website Privacy with social networks. This drive appears as a normal drive with files and folders in it.

NAPS2 (Not Another PDF Scanner 2)

But all data in this drive is stored in one single encrypted file. To open this drive you have to enter the passphrase. Even in the case that your harddisk is stolen nobody can read the data.

PGPdisk is not freeware. You can also use the freeware TrueCrypt for this purpose. From version 9 on PGP is not freeware anymore, for that you can download version 8 here. Tip : PGP offers a high security if you use a good passphrase. You should use words, which don't exist in dictionaries and use lower case and upper case letters at a wrong position in a word and include numbers.

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Faculty Account Manager - GWDG - IT in der Wissenschaft

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