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Ardas.( - Free download as PDF File .pdf), Text File .txt ) or Turn your thoughts to the five Takhats (seats of Sikh authority) and all the Prithmen Sarbatt Khalsa Ji Ki Ardaas Hai Ji, Sarbatt Khalsa Ji Ko Waheguru. multimedia website. We have an extensive catalogue of Sikh audio MP3 kirtan, videos, photos, literature and more. Ardas [Gurmukhi].pdf.

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Sikh Ardas In Punjabi Pdf

ARDAS Prayer. vwihgurU jI kI Pqih[ Ek-Oankar. Waheguroo Ji Ki Fateh . Think of and remember the unique service rendered by those brave Sikh men as . Ardas. The Ardās (Gurmukhi: ਅਰਦਾਸ) is a Sikh prayer (see below for the full Ardas) that is carried out before performing or after undertaking any significant task;. As per 'Sikh Rehatmaryada' (the Sikh religious code of conduct) published by the. SGPC He should offer Ardas after the recitation of Banis both in the morning and in the evening. .. been deprived (by partition of their country Punjab).

May they help us! All victory is of the Wondrous Guru God. Sri Guru Angad Sahib Ji. The Sikh Rahit Maryada has published an approved version of the entire Ardas. In Sikhism it denotes our humility before God. Sri Harmandir Sahib Kirtan. Takht Sri Keshgarh Sahib.

Sat Saroop Satgur daa dhian dharnaa — Contemplate and assimilate the beautiful truth of the True Enlightener.

Janam, maran, ja viah mokae jup da paatth kar tihaaval Karaah Parsaad kar anand sahib dia punj paurian, ardaas, pratham panj pyaariaan atae hazooree granthee noo vartaa kae oprunth sangat noo vartaaouna — For birth naming, funeral, or marriage ceremonies or devotional reading paath, recite Japji Sahib while making Karah Parshad , perform five verses of Anand Sahib, and ardaas, and then distribute Karah Prashad to the Panj Pyare, attending Granthi, and then to the sangat gathered for worship.

Jad tak Karaah Parshaad vartadaa rahae sadh sangat addol batthee rahae — Until Karaah Parshaad has been served to everyone, the congregation ought to be still and remain seated. Anand viah binaa grahist nahee karnaa — Without Anand marriage ceremony carnal relations should not occur.

Par istree, ma bhain, dhee bhain, kar jaananee. Par istree da sang nahee karnaa — Other than your wedded wife, consider all women as your mothers and sisters. Do not indulge in carnal marital relationships with them. Istree da mooh nahee phitkaarnaa — Do not subject your wife to cursing, or verbal abuse. Jagat jootth tambaakoo bikhiaa da tiaag karnaa — Discard worldly ways, falsehoods, and poisonous tobacco.

Rehitvaan atae naam jupan vaalae gursikhaa dee sangat karnee — Make companions of Gursikhs who follow the Rehit and recite the Divine Name. Kum karan vich daridar nahee karnaa — Work hard and don't be lazy. Gurbanee dee kathaa tae keertan roaz sunanaa atae karnaa — Take part in listening to Kirtan and discussions of the essence of Gurbani every day.

Kisae dee ninda, chugalee, atae eirkhaa nahee karnee — Do not gossip nor slander, or be spiteful to anyone. Dhan, javaanee, tae kul jaat da abhiman naee karnaa Nanak daadak tahe duae goath.

Sikh Rehat Maryada in Punjabi

Saak guroo Sikhan sang hoath — Do not be proud of riches, youthfulness or lineage. Regardless of maternal and paternal caste or heritage, all of the Guru's Sikhs are siblings of one family. Mat uchee tae suchee rakhnee — Maintain a high standard of purity in religious discipline. Shubh karman tao kadae naa ttarnaa — Do not avoid performing virtuous acts.

Ardas (ਅਰਦਾਸ)

Budh bal da daataa vaheguroo noo jaananaa — Appreciate intellect and power as gifts of the all knowing wondrous Enlightener.

Sugandh kasam sahu dae kar itbaar janaaoun vaalae tae yakeen nahee karnaa — Have no faith in oaths sworn by one attempting to convince another of sincerity. Sutantar vicharna. Raaj Kaaj dian kamaan tae doosrae mutaa dia purshaan noo huk nahee daenaa — Maintain independent rule. In the affairs of governing, do not give the power of religious authority to those of other faiths.

Raajnitee parhnee — Study and learn about governmental policies. Dushman naal saam, daam, bhaed, aadiak, upaa vartnae ate uprant udh karnaa — When dealing with enemies, practice diplomacy, employ a variety of tactics, and exhaust all techniques before engaging in warfare. Shaster vidyaa atae ghorhae di savaari da abhiaas karnaa — Train in the skills of weaponry and horsemanship. Doosrae mataa dae pustak, vidyaa parhnee.

Ardas, ਅਰਦਾਸ - A Sikh Prayer in Gurmukhi text

Pur bhrosaa drirh Gurbanee, Akaal Purakh tae karnaa — Study the books and beliefs of other faiths. But maintain trust in Gurbani and Akal Purakh [Undying divine personification].

Ardas may be performed in either the original Gurmukhi which is phonetically spelled out here in Romanized Punjabi , or the English translation, and even a combination of languages.

English this version or any other may be preferred by those who are learning about Sikhism, or when Ardas is performed at a worship service attended predominantly by those who do not understand Punjabi. Sree Bhagautee jee sahai May the Almighty Destroyer of the evils of egoism bless the respected sword to aid us. Sabh thaa-een hoe sahaa-e Dasaan Paatshaahiaan dee jot Sree Guroo Granth Sahib jee dee paatth deedaar daa dhiaan dhar kae bolo jee Waaheguroo!

Arjan, Harbobind, contemplate with utmost respect Har Rai. With utmost concentration contemplate Har Krishan, envisioning whom all sufferings vanish.

Teg Bahadar when contemplated, the nine spiritual sources of wealth come hastening within, blessing you with their treasures.

May they all grant us every assistance. The divine message of the Ten Enlighteners is embodied within the Supreme Guru Granth, the venerable scripture , read and contemplate its pleasures, and utter " Waheguru " Wondrous Enlightener!

Ardas In Romanised English

Panjaan Piyaariaan, chauhaan sahibzaadiaan, chaalheeaan muktiaan, hatthee-aan, japee-aan, tapeeiaan, jinhaan naam japee-aa, vandd chhakiaa, deg chalaa-ee, teg vaahee, dekk kae anndditth keetaa, tinhaan piyaariaan, sachiaariaan dee kamaa-ee da dhiaan dhar kae, khaalsaa jee!

Bolo jee Waaheguroo! Five Beloveds , Four Princes , Forty Liberated Souls , the indomitable determination of devotees immersed in recitation and absorbed in contemplation, those who uttered the divine name in recitation, Those companions who shared food, who established free kitchens, who wielded swords yet overlooked others shortcomings, all of them remaining pure and true in their devotions, think upon their noble deeds O Khalsa, and utter "Waheguru" Wondrous Enlightener!

Jinhaan singh-aan singhnnee-aan ne dharam haet sees ditae, band band kattaa-ae, khopree-aan luhaa-ee-aan, charkhrree-aan tae charrhae, aariaan naal cheeraa-ae ga-ae, gurduaariaan dee saevaa la-ee kurbannee-aan keetee-aan, dharam naheen haariaa, sikhee kaesaan suaasaan naal nibaahee, tinhaan dee kamaa-ee da dhiaan dhar kae, khaalsaa jee!

Those lionhearted men and women who never surrendered their faith but for its sake sacrificed their heads, imprisoned prisoners whose bodies were dismembered joint by joint, whose scalps were removed from their skulls, who were bound rotated on the wheel until their bodies broke, were ripped by sharp toothed saws, and whose flesh was flayed while they yet lived, and who guarding the dignity of gurdwaras were sacrificed without abandoning their faith, those Sikhs who kept their hair intact until their final breath, recall their unique sacrifices O Khalsa, and utter "Waheguru" Wondrous Enlightener!

Paanjaan takhtaann sarbatt gurduaarian daa dhiaan dhar kae bolo jee Waaheguroo The Five holy thrones and all gurdwara worship places, turn your thoughts upon these and utter "Waheguru" Wondrous Enlightener!