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Product Strategy for High Technology Companies [Michael E. McGrath] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. One of the key determinants of. [DOWNLOAD] PDF Product Strategy for High Technology Companies by Michael E. McGrath [DOWNLOAD] PDF Product Strategy for High. Product strategy is extremely critical to high-tech companies. The market continuously evaluates and rewards or punishes competitors based primarily on the.

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Product Strategy For High Technology Companies Pdf

One of the key determinants of success for today's high-technology companies is product strategy--and this guide continues to be the only book on product. Request PDF on ResearchGate | On Sep 1, , J.W. Beard and others published Product Strategy for High Technology Companies: Accelerating Your. Since when I first published the concepts of product-platform strategy, Product Strategy for High Technology Companies. (McGraw Hill.

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While this high tech strategy is being implemented the marketer must be preparing for the inevitable transition to a penetration strategy. The change to a penetration strategy requires changes in most marketing activities.

Market research should shift from basic learning to competitive monitoring. Advertising and communications will focus more on differentiation and the role of personal sales will change.

Product Strategy for High Technology Companies

The sales person will focus more on providing service to the customer rather than education and providing market intelligence. Pricing will become a competitive weapon and distributors and other channel intermediaries are likely to be employed. VisiCalc may well have been the better mousetrap that the market sought out.

Unfortunately, the company continued to compete as though it was the best and only mousetrap. When Lotus introduced its integrated software to the market, VisiCalc was left by the wayside.

Software Arts never modified the fundamentals of their marketing strategy and continued to compete as though the product they offered was unique and market leading. Sales declined until when they were acquired by Lotus. Lotus was a brilliant technological success. Lotus was responsive and flexible enough to adapt to the penetration strategy. Aggressive retail merchandising established high market visibility.

Aggressive pricing and site licensing programs helped the company retain competitive position. Even worse, the change may be noticed but ignored because acknowledging the change would require strategic change.

In some high tech companies, the need to seem distinct from conventional firms is so great that management refuses to acknowledge environmental change fearing that to accept the change would require the company to become more conventional in its business practices.

Specialized Marketing Teams for Each of the Six Cells The object of this paper is not to suggest that high tech firms cannot succeed. These firms clearly have significant potential because of their ability to offer radically new solutions for customers problems.

However, unless these firms are remarkable lucky, they are doomed to fail without marketing and strategy guiding them through the marketplace. Even those firms that can survive the first pressures of the marketplace cannot be sure of long term success because that market will change and, if the firm is to remain vital and viable, its strategy must change.

It is unlikely that the managerial skills needed for success in the high tech strategy will readily transfer readily to other strategies. This can be seen in the departure of the founders of both Apple Computer and Lotus Development Corporations to be replaced by managers more skilled in traditional marketing strategies.

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The firm best positioned for long term success need not abandon its high tech innovators. Instead it needs to have different strategic teams ready to pick up a product as it evolves into their area of strategic expertise. The successful firm will have not just one marketing group which is one more than many high tech firms have today they will have a separate marketing group for each of the six cells in the Expanded Growth Strategy Matrix.

Recommended Reading Ansoff, H. Peters, T. Waterman, Jr. Shanklin, W.

Back to top. It explains the basic strategic concepts behind successful products. The book ties the concepts together into a process that is easy to understand.

Product Strategy for High Technology Companies by Michael E. McGrath

Jun 19, Ted rated it it was ok. A ponderous text and most of the examples are a bit dated. Definitely no Drucker when it comes to writing style. Mar 16, Eduard rated it really liked it Shelves: Good to get ideas for product vision and strategy, not the easiest read.

However worth your time if you are looking for framework and tools to use to set a strategy for your product. Canh Tran rated it it was amazing Mar 14, Jim Simpson rated it liked it Sep 11, Dave rated it it was ok Nov 13, Brian O'kelley rated it it was amazing Nov 26, Pavel rated it it was amazing Jan 09, Deepak rated it it was amazing Feb 08, Tom rated it it was ok Dec 15, Steve DeCabooter rated it liked it Apr 01, Juan Carosso rated it it was ok Oct 26, Robert Wyssbrod rated it really liked it Mar 17, Steven Fisher rated it liked it Nov 09, Ms rated it really liked it Oct 06, Jose rated it it was ok Dec 14, Eric Brooke rated it it was ok Sep 29, Amy rated it really liked it Sep 12, Robbie Forkish rated it really liked it Jun 28, Shaun rated it really liked it Sep 06, Mehdi Bouricha rated it it was amazing Dec 19, Ricardo rated it really liked it Jul 28, Ross Rader rated it really liked it Jan 22, Shiraz rated it it was amazing Jan 26, Eugene rated it it was amazing Mar 25, Dave Fellows rated it liked it Jul 13, Ankur Chandra rated it really liked it May 12, Naiyer Jawaid rated it really liked it Jul 10, There are no discussion topics on this book yet.

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If you like books and love to build cool products, we may be looking for you. About Michael E. Michael E. Michael has established a reputation as a strong decision-maker and credits much of the success in his life to making better decisions. He also studied decision-making for more than 25 years and developed practical decision-making techniques that he has shared with others. He created DecideBetter!

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