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Kambing Jantan Raditya Dika Pdf

Kambing Jantan Sebuah Catatan Harian Pelajar Bodoh. Raditya Dika foundation engineering free s,formule online probleme si exercitii rezolvate exercitii,foss. Jantan Sebuah Catatan Harian Pelajar Bodoh Raditya Dika PDF Ebooks yang mengangkat namanya adalah buku berjudul Kambing Jantan. komik kambingjantan 2 raditya dika pdf - lyfindia - komik kambingjantan 2 raditya dika at complete pdf library. this book have some digital.

Other thesis, University of Muhammadiyah Malang. Language is speech sound yielded by man organs of speech that in it means. Linguistic applied to communicate to build relationship between humanities in public. Language vocabulary Slang in book "Catatan Harian Kambing Jantan" is one of informal language variety manner. One thing on unique from language Slang is language applied not standard, and in it contained secret which only be known its group. The thing making interesting Slang language to do checked. This research meant to identify various forms, form, of word and function of language. Before all, have ever been done research about language Slang, but has not taken language Slang in a Daily note. Method applied in this research is qualitative method. Intention from qualitative method is method applied to obtain descriptive data in the form of words. Data collecting by the way of reading book "Catatan Harian Kambing Jantan" circumspectly observing word and sentence repeatedly to find data that in the form of words and sentence applied in daily note, Then is analysed from the angle of presentation of word and function of language.

The book entitled KambingJantan written by Raditya Dika offers various phenomena of code switching English language in Indonesian context.

English words or phrases appear in the KambingJantan book, those words are commonly used in Indonesian youth daily conversation.

Code switching is interesting linguistic phenomena in global world recently since the development of media and technology has contributed the global communication around the globe. Code switching in Auer Meanwhile, Bullock and Toribio Furthermore, Javier Poplack in Jalil The first types is tag switching, Holmes The words such as you know, I mean, and right! For example: Jangan disentuh!

Baker and Jones It can be inserted before or after the clause in sentence level in different language within a sentence. Ya Allah, messi gw babak belur, niyh, brrrr In addition, at the third types is intersentential switching. Bullock and Toribio Ada sepatu di permukaan kasur.

Raditya Dika - Kambing maroc-evasion.info

What does it mean? Descriptive method according to Kothari The main purpose of this research method is to make a description of the state of affairs as it exists at present.

Moreover, the technique of the research which is used by the writer is qualitative method. Corbetta The writer collecting the data from KambingJantan book written by Raditya Dika about the event of code switching.

After collecting data, next step is analyzing the data.

Then, the writer will classify the on the basis of code switching types following in the table of categorization of the data analisis. Based on Poplack there are three types of code switching, namely are tag, intrasentential and intersentential switching.

It can be seen at the table 1 below: Tag Switching The types of tag switching in the KambingJantan book written by Raditya Dika can be categorized into two types, they are the tag swiching inserted at the beginning and middle of the sentence.

Furtthermore, it can be seen in the table 2 below: Table 2 Tag switching in KambingJantan Inserted at: Tag Switching at The Beginning of Sentence The first types of tag switching at the beginning of the sentence has been found 5 cases. Furthermore, it will be explained based on the following sample of the data Data Ok, here goes: Hari minggu kemaren, tepatnya tanggal 2 februari adalah seperti hari minggu pada umumnya, burung masih berkicau, rumput masih bergoyang KambingJantan on Tuesday, February The Sunday Gay Tragedy in paragraph 1 on pages 12 Data above shows that the speaker uses a tag switching ok, here goes at the beginning of his utterance using English words.

The speaker then swithes the language from English into Bahasa Indonesia. Moreover, as it can be seen at the above data, the English is used by the speaker as a discourse marker in the sentence to begin the story. Meanwhile, in Bahasa Indonesia the speaker describes the condition of his weekend. Based on the data 1 the utterance is dominated by Bahasa Indonesia.

Sample of Data KambingJantan on Tuesday, September 2: Balada Tangan Kiri Orang Indonesia in paragraph 3 on pages 39 The above data indicates that the phrase that means is inserted in the middle of Indonesia sentence, it is called a tag switching.

The presence of the phrase that means in the sentence is a discourse marker. The speaker switches from Bahasa Indonesia into English and than back to Bahasa Indonesia, the sentence is still dominted by Bahasa Indonesia.

The phrase that means is commonly used to introduce a clarification or a cause-effect relationship based on something which has been said by someone on the previous utterance.

Raditya Dika - Kambing Jantan.pdf

In addition, the speaker uses the phrase to give an explanation to the reader, that Indonesian students in his classroom is only 2 persons they are the speaker himself and his friend, Harianto. The intersentential switching in KambingJantan book appears at word level and at the phrase level. It can be seen from the table 3 below: The writer has found 8 cases of intersentential switching at the words level in KambingJantan book, the sample of data as follows: Sample of Data Pertamanya sih yang gw notice dari tuh tikus muda adalah doi tuh bau baget!!!!

KambingJantan on Friday, January Kutukan Seekor Tikus Muda in paragraph 16 on pages 9 It can be seen in the above data, intrasentential switching is placed at the middle of the sentence. The speaker had inserted an English word in the middle of the sentence. The speaker switches from Bahasa Indonesia into English and then he uses Bahasa Indonesia again for the following words.

The word of notice is used by the speaker refers to the mice which has been talked by the speaker in the sentence that, the mice has a bad smell. It has been found in KambingJantan book at the phrases level on 20 cases.

It is divided into three types, they are noun, preposition and verb phrases. Based on data finding, it shows that the noun phrase is more dominant than other types. Therefore, the writer has found 17 cases of noun phrase, 2 cases of the prepositional phrase, and the verb phrase is only 1 case. It will be described more in the data below: Sample of Data Trus abis makan kan kita bayar KambingJantan on Monday, March Semua Ini Membuatku Gila! The speaker has mixed two languages in the sentence.

At the beginning of the sentence, the speaker uses Bahasa Indonesia and at the middle, English has inserted in the sentence.

In the sentence, the speaker uses the word compliment and the phrase fortune cookies. This sentence is dominated by Bahasa Indonesia. The intersentential switching appears at clause and sentence level.

Further description can be seen at the following table 4 below: Table 4 Intersentential Switching Appears at: It is in adverbial clauses level. Adverb clause has a function as an adverb in a sentence.

It can be seen as follows: Data 1 Before we off to our main topic, beberapa hari ini gw merasa badan gw ko aneh ya?

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