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'The Immortals of Meluha sees Lord Shiva and his intriguing life with a refreshing The first edition of Systems Thinking was the first book to develop a working. Praise for The Immortals of Meluha 'Shiva rocks. 'The Immortals of Meluha sees Lord Shiva and his intriguing life with a Pdfdrive:hope Give books away. The book is (a) marvellous attempt to create fiction from folklore, religion and archaeological facts.' — People The Immortals of Meluha sees Lord Shiva and his.

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Immortals Of Meluha Full Book

Page 1. The Immortals of Meluha. Page 1/1. Read The Immortals of Meluha free novels read online from your Mobile, Pc. The Immortals of Meluha is a Fantasy novel by Amish Tripathi. Status: Full. Series: Shiva Trilogy #1. View: Read Online. Rating 9. BC. In what modern. Immortals of Meluha (The Shiva Trilogy Book 1) eBook: Amish Tripathi: this book to be and much more It was full of action and the way certain places were.

Nov 09, Jo rated it it was ok I first heard about this book from a friend who had said that the book was a good read. Curious I tried reading up more about it and saw that noted columnists like Anil Dharkar and Sandipan Deb had given it great reviews. I read the first chapter online and liked it well enough that I decided to download it. I went to quite a few book shops and found that it was sold out in most places. That is really surprising for a first time Indian author. Finally I found it in a tiny little shop, the proprietor I first heard about this book from a friend who had said that the book was a good read. Finally I found it in a tiny little shop, the proprietor telling me that the one I bought was one of the last copies he had left. The plot seemed interesting enough. A different take on Shiva the destroyer, a god revered by millions of Hindus all over the world, one of the Trimurti three main Gods, the others being Brahma the creator and Vishnu the preserver , known as Natraj -- the lord of dance and one of the most passionate men in Hindu mythology. The author has done a good job of integrating all the details known to us about the Indus Valley Civilization and has also given his own explanations for various concepts. I liked the discussion on what is evil and the fact that what is considered evil or wrong by some people may not be seen in the same way by others. He has introduced concepts of terrorism, the caste system and the position of women in society in this first book in a planned trilogy. But that was all I liked about the book. The writing was poor and the editor needed to do a better job.

What makes this book, and the following two, a good read is the simplicity of language and an easy and racy narrative style. The plot hardly ever slows down enough for the reader to lose interest as one event leads to another. The story is set in a country not yet named India and at a time when the mountainous abode of Shiva was not known by the name of Tibet. Don't try to dig deep for factual data as this is not a historical report!

Coming from a Hindu family, I grew up listening to valiant tales of the Gods and Goddesses on how they punish the wrong doers and shower blessings and boons on the righteous. The mythological stories I heard and read were always very formal in their tone and structure because our deities are meant to be worshiped and held in respectful awe. So it comes as a bit of a jolt when you read about the Shiva in this book casually swearing a la modern mortals - 'dammit', 'rubbish', 'bloody hell', 'wow' and 'what a woman' and enjoying a good time with his marijuana chillum.

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For the first time ever, I have come across a 'humane' God. Here is a person who was not born a God but was thrust into the role of one and fulfilled His destiny by making all the right choices and doing his duty towards mankind. If one thinks about this, we all have the potential to fulfil our destinies by following the path of righteousness too. They reach the city of Srinagar and are received there by Ayurvati , the Chief of Medicine of the Meluhans.

Shiva and his tribe are impressed with the Meluhan way of life. On their first night of stay at Srinagar, the Gunas wake up amid high fever and sweating. The Meluhans, under Ayurvati's orders, carry on the healing process. However, Ayurvati finds out that Shiva is the only one devoid of these symptoms and that his throat has turned blue. The Meluhans announce Shiva as the Neelkanth, their fabled savior.

Shiva is then taken to Devagiri , the capital city of Meluha. While on his way there,he decides to halt at a place on the bank of a river. While Nandi is resting,she goes out to explore the area.

After a while,he comes across a temple. There he encounter a mysterious woman, who though very beautiful, has a look of penance on her face. He immediately falls in love with her. When he asks her name and when can he see her again,her friend answers that when he reaches Devgiri,he can ask anyone where he can find Lady Sati and they'll tell him where to find her.

He meets King Daksha,after reaching Devgiri. While staying there, Shiva and his comrade,Nandi come to know that the woman who Shiva met at the temple,Sati is actually Princess Sati , the daughter of Daksha and is a vikarma , an untouchable in this life due to sins of her past births.

The Immortals Of Meluha

Shiva tries to court her, but she rejects his advances. Ultimately Shiva decides that will woe her and also marry her,even though the Vikarma law doesn't allow it. During his stay in Devagiri, Shiva comes to know of the treacherous wars that the Chandravanshis are carrying on the Meluhans.

Brahaspati invites Shiva and the royal family on an expedition to Mount Mandar , where the legendary Somras is manufactured using the waters of the Saraswati river.

Shiva learns that the potion which made his throat turn blue was actually undiluted Somras, which can be lethal when taken in its pure form. However, Shiva was unaffected, which was the first sign that he was the Neelkanth. He also learns that Somras was the reason why the Meluhans lived for so many years. Brahaspati and Shiva develop a close friendship and the royal family returns to Devagiri.

At last,Shiva declares himself to be the Neelkanth in front of everyone. Daksha then advises him to travel and explore the entire kingdom of Meluha.

They visit many different cities,where Shiva is welcomed with great pomp and many pujas are held in his honor. During a similar puja in a city,a man disrespectfully talks to Shiva for allowing a vikarma Sati to attend the puja.

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Enraged by the disrespect shown by the man toward Shiva,Sati challenges the man for an Agni Pariksha. Even though the chances for Sati's victory were low;she wins the Agni Pariksha and instead of killing the man,she forgives him. On their way to another city,the group comes across a village under attack.

As they rush to the save the village,they find out the it is being attacked by the Nagas and some Chandravanshi soldiers. During the battle,a naga fires an agnibaan towards Shiva.

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