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Download Better Photography - March magazine for free from ebook biz. To download click on the following link. Download Better Photography - December magazine for free from ebookbiz. To download click on the following link. Download Better Photography - November magazine for free from ebookbiz. To download click on the following link.

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Download Better Photography - July magazine for free from ebookbiz. To download click on the following link. Better Photography is one of South Asia's most respected photography guides and is India's No.1 photography magazine. It is the first Indian magazine to be. Better Photography Magazine - workshops, reading, viewing, education, capture, Enjoy a sample copy of Better Photography online! Loading PDF Worker.

Chris McLennan is a New Zealand photographer who shoots all around the world, mainly capturing travel and tourism, wildlife and culture. Englishman Peter Davidson is a former commercial photographer who now shoots for himself, favouring the power of monochrome and delighting in relatively simple kit. Finally, Gabriel Hill is a Swiss photographer who works commercially, specialising in the portraiture and editorial sectors. Stephanie Bowers is an Australian photographer who calls Queensland her home. Joel Strickland hails from Tasmania, Australia and shoots cars and motorsport for manufacturers, dealers and publications. Originally from Kyoto in Japan, he moved to the United States when he was 18 years old. He works as a freelance photo retoucher in the city and creates his own black and white photography projects in his free time. Petr Hlavacek, a native Czech who settled in New Zealand in now bases himself on the West Coast, and shoots his great loves - landscape and wilderness. A Canadian, Christopher Gentile is a former film director turned commercial photographer based in Toronto. Jon Davison, a New Zealander who bases himself in the south of France, shoots aircraft around the world, much of it done air-to-air and including everything from biplanes to the fastest and most modern military and corporate jets. Finally, Abi Pym is an English textile designer who now integrates photography as one of the components of her fashion design process. Her interest lies in the world of macro photography. Matt Emmett is a graphic designer working in the toy industry in the UK.

So, what makes an interesting travel photograph depends on your viewer, but if we're bringing photographs home to show our friends and family, it's reasonable to assume that they will find interesting the same things we do.

What do we photograph? A subject that is different. This could be as simple as different faces, different clothing, different houses, different landscapes. Our role as travel photographers is to experience where we are and to communicate what we find interesting.

No point trying to second-guess what others will find interesting as that is an exercise fraught with disappointment! The only person you can be confident of making happy is yourself - and besides, people will want to know what you found interesting.

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The next challenge is to photograph it in an interesting way. For me, this means finding and isolating these points of difference. I have thousands of street photographs and general landscapes from all around the world, and while they are obviously travel photographs, they are so messy and complicated that they are meaningless.

There are soooo many general travel snaps out there! So, work out what interests you, then work out how you can capture that interest and make it dominate your photograph. In the example of the prayer flags above, I've used a few techniques.

Firstly, I've come in close to my subject and excluded the surroundings the road, other buildings and trees , so it's very clear what this is a photograph of. Second, I've chosen a low camera angle so I can isolate the prayer flags against the sky. If the prayer flags were backed by other trees and a busy landscape, they wouldn't stand out. The plain background is a key ingredient which allows the subject to dominate.

And finally, I've used a 10X ND filter which gave me a 30 second exposure. This creates a sense of irreality with the clouds and flags moving during the exposure. Why don't you come along? Being a Sydney-sider, snow is a novelty for me.

Better photography magazine pdf -

I've skied most of my life two skis, not a board and there's nothing I like better than to visit locations in winter when there's a chance of snow. And from a photography perspective, I think snow photos look their best when the snow is freshly fallen.

Many people think snow is snow, but it's not the case. Fallen snow changes over time. Generally it gets heavier and droops - it doesn't look so fluffy. The slightest of winds will shake the snow from the trees.

To get really classic snow shots, you need to be there while it's snowing, or just after the snow has fallen and the light is coming good. So, how do you know when it's going to snow?

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Well, you don't, but there's a better chance in winter than in summer, unless you're going to the Arctic or Antarctic, of course! And sometimes it can snow when you don't expect it, such as when we did the Canada photo tour in September Of course, along the Icefields Parkway in Alberta, it can snow any time of the year.

We were hoping for the autumn colours to really turn it on, but we were just a couple of weeks too early or the colours were a couple of weeks late!

The photo above was taken at Bow Lake in the early morning. It was snowing quite heavily, but light and dry and not affecting the cameras too badly. Keep a spare battery in a warm pocket and change it over if you find your camera acting sluggishly - it's usually because the cold drains the batteries more quickly, but all the modern cameras I've used have no trouble operating in below zero temperatures, certainly not for a few hours here and there.

Click here for details.

Following the photo tour, I put together a Momento Pro photo book with a selection of images, all lightly processed in Capture One. We took into account certain factors that we thought a good photography magazine should include and filtered out the best magazines based on some of the criteria below.

But again, it is a very personal thing when it comes to photography and what you like may be different from what someone else likes. Back to Top 1.

Better Photography February 2017

What we look for in a Great Photography Magazine A great photography magazine needs to have certain qualities in order for it to be beneficial for the reader. Different photographers look for different contents in a magazine and a magazine as a whole should be able to incorporate these content in there so that it can be read by a wide genre of photographers. Here are some factors that we think top photography magazines should include: The contents of the magazine need to be spot on magazines aimed at beginners need to have focus on helping beginners, magazines for pros need to be geared towards pros and the magazine needs to cover topics that they say are included on the magazine cover in detail Knowledge from the magazine should help the reader develop photography and gear skills It needs to provide tips with illustrations to make information understandable and interesting Contents of the magazine need to be laid out in a way that the information makes things easier for photographers, so they do more photography and not contemplate about it Assignment ideas should be included in magazines to help photographers practice what they learn Project ideas to help photographers get through times when they feel less motivated.

It would be great if a short note on the location, weather and available light was discussed as well. Should include post-processing advice and tips along with recommended applications and reason why they are recommended.

Should include the latest news and events Behind the scenes of professional photographers on location and studios.

Interviews, especially how a photographer turned pro from a beginner or amateur Taking into account most of the above factors, we have come up with a bunch of what we think are the best photography magazines overall and by region and important genres.

We have done all the research and included as much information about the magazines so you do not have to spend time looking around for them. Note: The price, subscription fees and any offers stated here are based on what we found at the time of writing the article and please note that these may change from time to time and may also be available for better offers elsewhere.

Back to Top 2. Overall Best Photography Magazines Based on the factors discussed above and looking at magazines that would be really beneficial for a photographer to grow and develop their skills, we have chosen five magazines as the overall best photography magazines.

This in no way means that the other photography magazines are inferior in quality. Outdoor Photographer Magazine : For photographers interested in nature, landscape, wildlife and anything to do with outdoor photography, the outdoor photographer magazine is a great one as it is dedicated to exploring nature out there in the wild.

The features in this magazine are contributions from top photographers in this field.

The articles are quick reads and loaded with tips and advice on photography and gear techniques. The photographs included come with technical information behind them and the magazine includes travel advice. This is a magazine to suit all levels of outdoor photographers from basics for beginners to advanced techniques for pros. Black and White magazine : This magazine delivers fine art black and white photographs of the past and present and is dedicated to just photography.

Most of the magazine focuses on artist profiles and galleries with images submitted by readers.

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