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Sold to the Enemy book. Read reviews from the world's largest community for readers. Stefan Ziakas might be her father's most hated business rival, b. Read Sold to the Enemy by Sarah Morgan for free with a 30 day free trial. Read unlimited* books and audiobooks on the web, iPad, iPhone and Android. Sold to the Enemy. Sarah Morgan. Rating 5 review(s)Add your review. Her one bright memory in a lifetime of shadows Stefan Ziakas might be her father's most .

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Sold To The Enemy Sarah Morgan Pdf

Sold to the Enemy [Sarah Morgan] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. Stefan Ziakas might be her father's most hated business rival, but he's. Stefan Ziakas might be her father's most hated business rival, but he's the only man who has ever made Selene Antaxos feel beautiful. So, needing to make a. Sold to the Enemy has ratings and reviews. Danielle The Book Huntress (Back to the Books) said: Another really good Sarah Morgan book. This rea. Sold To.

She spends her working life telling others how to manage their money. She spends her leisure time … shopping. Retail therapy is the answer to all her problems. But neither seems to work. The stories she concocts become more and more fantastic as she tries to untangle her increasingly dire financial difficulties. Her only comfort is to download herself something — just a little something… Can Becky ever escape from this dream world, find true love, and regain the use of her Switch card?

I thought it was fabulous and definitely underrated. Our Hero was a major manwhore and was determined never to love or commit thinking he would save himself from the pain it caused when that loved one walked away. He definitely had his reasons but shared them with no one. On the day the heroine showed up at his company dressed as a nun he doesn't realize it yet but Cupid just let go with another arrow and the hero no long Wow!

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On the day the heroine showed up at his company dressed as a nun he doesn't realize it yet but Cupid just let go with another arrow and the hero no longer has any desire for other women. I loved him to pieces. He was a touch alpha male but there was something about him that was so lovable. I highly recommend this book and loved it so much I reread the book four hours after the original read.

There was no cheating and the few times they were briefly apart there was celibacy. Dec 18, Leona rated it liked it Shelves: I so anticipated the release of this book.

Maybe I just overhyped it in my mind. It wasn't bad, but I just couldn't get into the hero. In her efforts to soften him up a bit and round out his edges, he ended up being too one dimensional. Unlike her other heroes, he just felt flat. Their relationship felt a little forced to me. The only thing that fizzed between the two of t I so anticipated the release of this book. The only thing that fizzed between the two of them was the champagne they drank.

It's not bad, but for some reason, it just didn't quite measure up to the Sarah Morgan yardstick I have. View all 3 comments. Nov 27, Debbie DiFiore rated it really liked it Shelves: Loved the heroine Showing up in a nun costume? That was priceless and so was the heroine.

I loved her honesty, her rose colored glasses, her openness and her love for the hero. Her Father was horrid and I can't believe she kept hope and innocence alive in those circumstances at all. I loved that part of her.

But I hated it when she turned against the hero. It made me take off one star for that. The ending was sweet and I would read this again for sure. Recommended to Emona by: Fanniny Moreno Zavaleta. Selene Antaxos is scheming a way to leave her isolated Greek island home and travel to Athens without her father finding out.

Selene and her mother are virtual prisoners in a house that doubles as a fortress — they are victims of a man who insists on complete control over their lives in order to present to the world the picture of a perfect, virtuous family.

He keeps them in penury and watches their every move, but Selene has turned a flair for creating handmade soaps and candles into a potential business opportunity. When she finally escapes out into the real world she is quite unprepared and very over eager to try all the things that she had never had a chance to do and try, leading to some funny moments between both of them.

Stefanos Ziakas is annoyed with his personal assistant, Maria, for letting Selene in to see him, but his annoyance dissipates as he is intrigued and attracted to her - he hears out her business plans and decides to offer her the loan she seeks. The only problem is that she has nothing to wear, but Stefan quickly arranges a way to overcome that obstacle. One thing leads to another and Selene and Stefan wind up in a mutually agreed-upon and passionate one-night stand.

The morning after brings guilt, but not for the obvious reasons. Stefan has spent his adult life avoiding anything that looks remotely like a relationship, because of his traumatic past, but Selene is even better. Stefan has all the wonderful qualities of a memorable hero a word used so often in this book.

Overall book rating

The scene where Stefan has to make the choice to finally stop holding himself back and allow himself to love Selene unless he wants her to leave him was another emotional twist, then came the sweetest marriage proposal! There are however two things that got me - 1. Whatever happened to her mother? At least the last scene could include her mother too!

Nevertheless the exuberant actions and the thoughts and words expressed made me smile.

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From the moment she descends upon Stefan, in his office, camouflaged as a nun, I was captivated by the story. From then on, the ball was set rolling and what follows is seduction, chaos, betrayal, and pandemonium, All of which make for an engaging and entertaining read.

And, oh, I must not forget the champagne scene, there was so much of humour between the lines, and every time champagne was mentioned throughout the book, you can bet there is something that would make you laugh! The secondary characters Maria, Takis and a few others mentioned in the book were also great, the last scene was incredible, I could not help but smile! This one here was one my favourite excerpts: The first time their intimacy had continued after sex. He cared for her.

She was sure of it. His eyes were a dark, velvety black and she stared at him and felt something shift inside her. View all 11 comments. The Antaxos and Ziakis clans are business rivals, mostly due to the misdeeds of Stavros Antaxos, who has a "perfect" life. When his daughter Selene finally decides to escape from his crutches in order to set her own candle making business and eventually rescue her mother, she decides to take help from the kind stranger who had once sat with her and talked all night at the moonlit deck.

Tracing down Stefan Ziakas on a Greek island in a nun disguise, Selene approaches him with propositions, and a heart filled with dreams. Relentlessly persuasive and hopelessly naive, she lets herself finally soar in the glimpses of freedom Stefan provides- dressing up, drinking champagne, dancing all night, making love..

But she is soon confronted with a rude awakening when photos appear in the newspaper, and she realizes blindly trusting a stranger might have been detrimental to her plans, and her heart.. Very, very well written romance with a strong heroine who has a zest for life, and goes after what she wants. The hero has a duh traumatic past connected to the heroine's father, which initially makes him ruthless, but as the book progresses, he comes off as a caring and helpful.

Of course he is afraid of commitment and the whole drama, but one hiccup and he is all for love. Loved the book and wished it had an epilogue too! Safe 4. Oct 09, Vintage rated it liked it Shelves: Selene sneaks off her father's island in search of financial help from his arch-nemesis.

No, she doesn't try and sell herself into a MOC or be his mistress until he tires of her. Candles and soap. Oh well. You can't have everything.

The H agrees to help her and put the moves on her. Despite being a virgin, she e A 3. Despite being a virgin, she enthusiastically embraces all debauching efforts from dressing in red, over-imbibing in champagne then passing out before anything can happen. They fix that situation the next morning after which the h finds out that pictures of her kissing the H have popped up on the internet.

Furious him for what she sees as a setup to get back at her father, Selene rushes home in a panic. The H dismisses her panicking as baby heiress drama until he recalls some bruising on her arms and back.

He arrives at the island to rescue her after her father has slapped her around for disgracing the family name. Turns out he has abused the h and her mother for years. The H rescues mom and daughter, but the h is still furious at what she sees as the H's betrayal.

Th h runs out again, but eventually the two get back together. Selene decides to go all in with both her business and an affair with the emotionally stopped up H. He's not a brooder, but he has your typical abandoned tycoon backstory that makes him leery of commit Selene is a keeper.

She's sweet and open about her feelings without being a weepy doormat. Harley authors, we need more heroines like her. The H is actually quite a good guy. Yep, he was a man-whore, but little to no ass-hat behavior.

Nov 24, Bubu added it Shelves: I just can't finish this book I tried many times.. I think is me not the book Jul 25, KC rated it liked it Shelves: I couldn't help but root for Selene, a sweet and courageous heroine.

It was refreshing to see how Selene hadn't had her spirit completely stamped out even though she had cause to feel that way. Sexy Stefan relu I couldn't help but root for Selene, a sweet and courageous heroine. Sexy Stefan reluctantly played knight in shining armor at first, but then after falling for Selene discovered he would do anything for her after all—which included conquering his own personal demons so they could have a future together.

He learned that lesson as a young boy after his mother had left his father and him to be with Selene's father.


Another sweet and sexy modern fairy tale from Sarah Morgan! Nov 12, AvidReader rated it it was amazing. Thoroughly enjoyed all the twists and turns this wonderful story took. While her father is away and with the help of nuns from a neighbouring island, Selene is able to leave and she goes to the only man she's confident will help her. Stefan's family had been ruined by Selene's father and as he grew into a man and built his own dynasty they became sworn enemies. When Selene turns up at his office dressed as a nun and asks for his backing in her business venture, he's flabbergasted.

Selene knows she has a viable business and with Stefan's backing and knowledge she can build a life for her and her mother. Stefan had befriended her once when she was 17, and after a lifetime of always being on the outside watching, Selene's honed instincts had told her that he was a man she could trust.

She'd remembered him as tremendously handsome and he'd told her that she should look him up in five years. Now with the passing of time, she finds him just as devastatingly attractive and she lets him know it. Stefan's impressed with her business plan and agrees to back her, and then with her encouragement proceeds to sweep her off her feet.

A party, champagne, and a daring new dress, and Selene is living her dream on the arm of the handsomest man she's ever met. Giving herself freely to Stefan has also been part of her dream, but in the morning when she sees the press photo of herself in Stefan's arms she realizes that he's just like her father. He's used her to get back at his enemy. And worst of all, she knows that if her father sees the photo before she can return to the island and get her mother, they will both suffer terribly and it will be impossible to ever leave.

Stefan doesn't understand why Selene is feeling betrayed, press photos of him are common, but cold realization comes when he remembers how brutal her father could be, explaining the terror in Selene's eyes.

Selene is a truly refreshing heroine and there were moments I laughed out loud at her charming and open expressions of delight. She enchants Stefan with her innocent optimism and her surprising candor. He protests adorably when Selene calls him her hero and that she knows that he's a good man that she can trust.

He's shocked at how easily she sees below his surface and it unnerves him. When he realizes how his own callous lifestyle has brought danger to her, he races to her rescue.

This lovestory is so wonderfully written. It swept me along, eager to read what would happen next. This review has been hidden because it contains spoilers. To view it, click here. You don't want to feel that way and I can't be with a man who always holds part of himself back.

Even though I understand all your reasons and I'm sympathetic, I want more. I know love makes a person vulnerable but I want a man who is prepared to risk everything because the love is more important than protecting himself. I really liked Sarah Morgan's contemporary Harlequin Sold to the Enemy primarily because the heroine "I've just told you that I love you. I really liked Sarah Morgan's contemporary Harlequin Sold to the Enemy primarily because the heroine was so feisty, straightforward no playing games and she valued herself.

And the Italians are so good with children, of course. Some VIP or other. Apparently they have to leave before the rest of us. Three cars with blacked out windows have just pulled up.

And those men look like bodyguards.

I swear they have guns. An invisible force drew her head round and she found herself looking out of the window. He stood on the tarmac, his eyes obscured by a pair of aviator sunglasses, his attention apparently fixed on the commercial aircraft that had just taxied to a halt.

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