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Get a sneak peak at Kaplan Schweser's curriculum for the Level I CFA exam with this free eBook, to decide if you're ready to start the CFA program. If you're considering the CFA charter, this free eBook should be your first step in the process. We interviewed past CFA exam takers to get advice and information . Can I receive CPE credits for attending a Kaplan Schweser CFA live class or review . How do I access eBook products on my desktop or laptop computer?.

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Schweser Cfa Ebook

Master the CFA Dec Level I curriculum with help from Kaplan Schweser's SchweserNotes™ eBooks are now included with each order of the Notes, making it. If you are asking yourself “should I sit for the CFA® exam?,” this free eBook is for you. We've enlisted the help of over CFA charterholders who have. If you are asking yourself “should I sit for the CFA® Program exam?,” this free eBook is for you. We've enlisted the help of over CFA charterholders who have.

How long have you been in business? In which currency are the product prices listed? I can't log in to my account because I received an error stating that I have to wait x amount of time before logging in. How do I allow cookies? I am unable to log in to my account. How do I use my Online Access? I am unable to log in to the www. Why can't I reuse last year's Schweser materials? Can I download the updates individually? What is included in the Schweser Flashcards? How do I access my online tools? How long will I have access to the audio MP3s? Can the Early Season Discount be combined with any other offer or promotion? I am receiving a "No Internet Connection Found" error message. What are the CFA Program requirements?

If you want to pass, you need to make sure you've paid special attention here.

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Source: CFA Institute 6. You fail the CFA exams if you don't have a study plan hours is a lot of life. You're not going to pass - especially if you're also working full time - unless you devise a proper revision plan.

CFA blog site Hours advises hours of uninterrupted study over a week period. If you're looking for a guide to CFA study, we have one here. You fail the CFA exams if you are working long hours and trying to study over a six month period Is it really possible to work put in hours of study time per week if you're also putting in hour weeks in a bank? Not really. One seasoned fund of funds analyst told us she didn't take the CFA because it wasn't mandatory when she was a junior, but that she wouldn't have had time anyway: "I was working 14 hour days.

You fail the CFA exams if you don't spend enough time on practice questions under timed conditions The closer you get to the exam, the more time you should be spending on practice questions. Mock tests under timed conditions are essential for passing the CFA. Find out what you don't know, learn it, and test yourself again. If you're trying to pass all three and to become a CFA Charterholder, a failure is almost inevitable.

It's a rite of passage. You could do the same - if you're prepared to give up 4, hours of your existence. In the event of a conflict, follow the more strict law, rule, or regulation. Guidance Members must know the laws and regulations relating to their professional activities in all countries in which they conduct business.

Do not violate Code or Standards even if the activity is otherwise legal.

Dissociate from any ongoing client or employee activity that is illegal or unethical, even if it involves leaving an employer an extreme case. While a Member may confront the involved individual first, he must approach his supervisor or compliance department.

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Inaction with continued association may be construed as knowing participation. Review, or encourage employer to review, the firms written compliance procedures on a regular basis. Maintain, or encourage employer to maintain, copies of current laws, rules, and regulations. When in doubt about legality, consult supervisor, compliance personnel, or a lawyer.

When dissociating from violations, keep records documenting the violations, encourage employer to bring an end to the violations. Provide employees with information on laws, rules, and regulations governing professional activities. Have procedures for reporting suspected violations. Independence and Objectivity. Use reasonable care to exercise independence and objectivity in professional activities. Do not offer, solicit, or accept any gift, benefit, compensation, or consideration that would compromise independence and objectivity.

Guidance Do not let the investment process be influenced by any external sources.

Modest gifts are permitted. Distinguish between gifts from clients and gifts from entities seeking influence to the detriment of any client. Gifts must be disclosed to the Members employer in any case. Guidance — Investment-Banking Relationships Do not be pressured by sell-side firms to issue favorable research on current or prospective investment-banking clients.

Guidance— Public Companies Analysts should not be pressured to issue favorable research by the companies they follow. Do not confine research to discussions with company management, but rather use a variety of sources, including suppliers, customers, and competitors. Guidance — download-Side Clients download-side clients may try to pressure sell-side analysts.

Portfolio managers may have large positions in a particular security, and a rating downgrade may have an effect on the portfolio performance. As a portfolio manager, there is a responsibility to respect and foster intellectual honesty of sell-side research. Recommendations fo r Members Members or their firms should pay for their own travel to company events or tours when practicable and limit use of corporate aircraft to trips for which commercial travel is not an alternative.

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Establish and review written policies and procedures to assure research is independent and objective. Establish restricted lists of securities for which the firm is not willing to issue adverse opinions. Factual information may still be provided.

Limit gifts from non-clients to token amounts. Limit and require prior approval of employee participation in equity IPOs. Establish procedures for supervisory review of employee actions. Appoint a senior officer to oversee firm compliance and ethics. Do not misrepresent facts regarding investment analysis, recommendations, actions, or other professional activities.

June 2019 Practice Exam

Guidance Do not make misrepresentations or give false impressions. Misrepresentations include guaranteeing investment performance and plagiarism. Summarize your own qualifications and experience.

Make reasonable efforts to verify information from third parties that is provided to clients. Regularly maintain webpages for accuracy. Avoid plagiarism by keeping copies of all research reports and supporting documents and attributing direct quotes, paraphrases, and summaries to their source.

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