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English Speaking for Myanmar - English Speaking for MM is a offline english learning application. Easy to learn english speaking, listening, reading daily. 1. 1. English Speaking. Author: U Aung Hein Kyaw · Language.: Mar; View: ;: MB. Detail · Read. 2. English Writing (Upper Intermediate). English Speaking for MM is a offline english learning application. Easy to learn english speaking, listening, reading daily without internet access. No need to.

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01_Basic English Grammar Book - Download as PDF File .pdf), Text File . txt) or read online. luiz A Basic Spoken Myanmar for Foreigners. Day 1 - - Download as PDF File .pdf), Text File .txt) or read online. and (b) whether is has taken place by the time of speaking: 'Is it over yet ?. Drum English-Myanmar Picture Dictionary - Free download as PDF File .pdf), Text File .txt) or read U Khin Maung Than & Mary- The Best Spoken English.

They try their very best to make it a Must for their people to study English as much as possible. Now China dubbed economic powerhouse is very rich and a big creditor to which the U. S dollar. One of the fundamental causes of the economic growth of both nations is their all-out study of English. As they sow, so they reap. It speaks for itself. Today, the standard of written English in Myanmar is at its lowest rung. At some point the interpreter who seemed at least fairly —versed in English inadvertently used the word biannual instead of biennial. Everything about it is grandiose and impressive except for one weakness I. The advertiser might be to blame but the editor concerned should have known and corrected the mistake, as it is very easy and simple. As use of the is very controversial, let it be.

Speaking English Books

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BBC Learning English - News Report

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Canberra: Australian National University Press. An analysis of cultural contents in English textbooks for compulsory English courses at high school level in Myanmar. Working Paper, 2, Chulalongkorn University. Ireland, G. Contemporary issues in EFL education in Myanmar.

Kirkpatrick, A.

MoeMaMa - Burmese Speaking American English

English as an Asian lingua franca and the multilingual model of ELT. Language Teaching, 43 1 , Krasner, I. The role of culture in language teaching. Mahboob, A. Retrieved from http:www. Nonnative-English-speaking teachers in the English teaching profession. Whitney Eds. Medgyes, P.

When the teacher is a non-native speaker. Teaching English as a Second or Foreign Language, Insights towards native and non-native ELT educators. Parents and roles. Closing a conceptual gap: The case for a description of English as a lingua franca.

International Journal of Applied Linguistics, 11 2 , Sinhaneti, K. A study of the role of rote learning in vocabulary learning strategies of Burmese students. Extended Matching Questions are included in some exams. Essays are marked against standard criteria. All schools share a common question bank. The summative assessments are delivered at the same time across all schools using the same questionnaire.

External examiners do not only observe but also assess the candidates. The lack of expertise in medical education is apparent in the standard setting process. The assessment boards consider neither absolute standard setting methods such as Angoff and Ebel nor post-examination psychometric analysis.

After the exam, the pass mark is moderated if the assessment board feels the false negative competent students who should pass but failed rate is too high. The process is based totally on the subjective interpretation of the results by the assessment board.

This type of posthoc standard setting is neither robust, transparent, consistent nor based on psychometric evidence. The application process is highly competitive. Only the government employees are allowed to apply.

It is meant to attract more doctors to work for the government. The trainees are required to do a minor research project and submit a thesis in addition to completing clinical training. The research is often severely limited in scope and depth be cause it is not the main purpose of the course and there is little research funding, infrastructure and expertise.

To address these challenges, an independent medical education research infrastructure needs to be established.

It should be used to improve the capacity of the educators and to find acceptable solutions to local issues such as private lectures. The current undergraduate question bank and the standard setting process must be overhauled thoroughly.

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