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Chetan Bhagat's "2 States:The Story of My Marriage" My Book of Bible Stories Welcome to the English Conversation Class sponsored by the Church of. This eBook is exclusively made by Welcome to 2 States, a story about Krish and Ananya. This may be the first time in the history of books, but here goes: . versions of old Hindi songs and served little marinated onions on the table. Free download of 2 States by Bhagat. Available in PDF, ePub and Kindle. Read, write reviews and more.

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Chetan Bhagat Books Pdf In English 2 States

Other Books · India Positive · The Girl In Room · One Indian Girl · Making India Awesome · Half Girlfriend · What Young India Wants · Revolution · The 3. another characterric element in Bhagat's novels. Bhagat hesitates to to the boys to mock at. Madhav states and admits that his English is not English, rather. PDF | India is a country of different cultures. concerned, I limit myself here in this chapter to the novel written by Chetan Bhagat titled 2 States.

Skip to main content. Log In Sign Up. Multiculturism and cross culture marriage in Chetan Bhagat's 2 States: Dr Amit Chaudhary. Jyoti A. PHIL Abstract This papers deals with the concept of multiculturism and cross culture marriage in Chetan Bhagat's 2 States — the story of my marriage Chetan Bhagat has been acclaimed as one of the best selling novelists of the popular literature. He takes upon the sensitive issues which concern of the society is his novels ranging from the romantic love story to a deplorable condition of the present educational system. Chetan Bhagat, in "2 States: This novel definitely gives us cultural shocks Chetan Bhagat has touched some of the sensitive issues of cultural difference father-son relationship and corporate exploitation the couple Krish and Ananya cue from two different states in India and thus they face hardships in convincing their parents for the acceptance of their marriage, because of generation gap, communication gap and cultural gap. India, the oldest secularist country, rich, in its varied culture and heritage has paved way for the exchange of culture since the Mughal Rule to the Modern democraticism. Born in Punjab in the most independent era, culture and diversity has been in the blood of Chetan Bhagat, which influenced him to write about cultural diversity. The main character cut their umbilical cord to get affixed with a new card. Love blossoms and by the time the duo pass out of college, and decide to get married only with the blessings of their parents. The rest of the novel is narration of their efforts to bring corrections in their parents' prides and prejudices.

Ananya was labelled as the "Best girl of the fresher batch". They become friends within a few days and decided to study together every night. Within the time, they become romantically involved.

They both get jobs, and have serious plans for their wedding. Chetan Bhagat is well known for his representation of reality in the contemporary society.

In this novel, Chetan Bhagat mirrors on the issue of inter-racial, inter-state marriages. The portrayl of various characters and incidents in the novel gives the reader a perfect picture of the diverse culture and tradition existing in contemporary India.

The novel shows how the cultural differences of two states create obstacles in the wed-lock of two lovers.

They fight against the customs of an traditional and conservative society. The novel also indicates the grim reality of Indian marriage system. The back side of the novel covers the realistic image of contemporary Indian society concerning the love marriages. Chetan Bhagat depicts an realistic account of his own love affairs leading to marriage and all the difficulties that are faced by them in this whole procedure.

Both Krish and Ananya represent two different cultures and two different states. Both fall in love with each other and also become romantically involved with each other.


But their destiny does not seem in their favour as they faced a lot of barriers to convert their love story into marriage. Two opposite poles — one is Punjabi and other is Tamilian —become a obstacle in their marriage. She finds herself uncomfortable after hearing his relationship with a Tamilian girl. Both Krish and Ananya try to persuade their parents in favour of their marriage. It shows how the variations in two culture create problem in the matrimonial alliances and how the couple has to fight against the fate to be in the wed-lock.

Here we can see the hurdels in love and this is very true in the case of Krish and Ananya. The main focus is about cultural contradictions , Inter-caste marriage is still a taboo in India. He deals with the grim realities of life and the difficulties faced by the young generation for the love marriage.

Both look down upon each other for different reasons. They have diversities in their languages e.

Tamil and Punjabi , customs, rituals. Sometimes they maintain their relationship as friends or colleagues but sometimes, with same interest, habits and various similarities between two, they get closer and decide to get married.

Girl loves boy. They get married.

Chetan Bhagat's "2 States:The Story of My Marriage"

Girl and Boy still love each other. Indian culture has more complications as compared to the world around. The observations of the marriage of Ananya and Krish are documented hereafter. Bhagat presents complex, deeply rooted socio-cultural problems of multicultural India. They are from two different states of India, deeply in love and want to get married.

Of course, their parents don't agree.

Chetan Bhagat Books

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2 States, by Bhagat: FREE Book Download

Now comes the turn Ananya to win the love of Krish family members. Then they tried to convince Krish mother. The problem was Krish mothers relatives who do not quite like this.

They say that should not marry a Madrasi but end up agreeing with them when Ananaya tries help one of Krish's cousin to get married. Ananaya also win the hearts of Krish family but what about the families union? Krish arranges a meeting of two families in Goa, but there also Krish mother verbally explodes and the relationship of Krish and Ananya is in jeopardy. Ananya decides to break off with Krish.

Krish tries his best to convince Ananya that everything can be fixed up again. But Ananya does not show any affection of him. At that time Krish's bad father' comes to his rescue and goes to Chennai and convinces Ananya's family without Krish's Knowledge because now he does not want to miss the opportunity of helping his son. He missed the opportunity for once and still he pays a heavy price for that. When Krish gets a call from Ananya, he is very much surprised and want to hug his father.

Father son relationship is always incredible. Finally the two families are reunited and Ananya and Krish get married to each-other. The marriage ceremony held in Tamil style is also full of comical elements. It is really true that love marriage around the world are simple but as mentioned on the back cover of the novel the scenario is totally different when it comes to India.

Thus novel is a humorous and witty take on cross culture love marriage in India, citing the numerous awkword situation that both couple in love as well as their families has to pass through before their wedding can be finalized. Chetan Bhagat has written some good funny one linear about what North India feel about South Indian and what the later feel about the former. He brings out pretty well the contrast between South Indian vs North Indian cultures and the mutual disdain these two groups have each other.

Tamilians have a great love for knowledge and education while Pujabis are more interested in money and wealth. Marble flooring is to a Punjabi what a foreign degree is to a Tamilian. South Indians have a love for rules, and feel safe there are rules to adhere to but the North Indians is general have a disdain for not only rules, but also the law and breaking them.

At the elderly South Indian tend to speak in monosyllables while addressing the not so old and their great love for newspapers that they read from end to end, is a non-disputable fact. As India society is not liberal for mixed marriages between different castes, religion or geographies this book takes us through the love and opposition from parents and relatives. Thus the end of the novel is along the predictable lines all problems solved and happy time off the happy family are ahead.

The ending of the story is predictable, you still find yourself rooting the lead characters to get together at the end it is the best thing about the book. This contradictions is found almost everywhere in India. Bhagat is of the view that love knows no boundaries whether it be of caste, creed, religion, states or countries.

The novel ends with Ananya giving birth to twin boys. They say that the babies belong to a state called 'India'. Its definitely love that triumphs against all odds.

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