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History of modern india presents an authoritative overview of the history of what The book also provides a detailed account of the nationalist movement and. Modern Indian History [Paperback] [Dec 07, ] Mohammad Tarique Based on the prescribed syllabi for the upsc, this book caters to aspirants of both the. History of Modern India is one of the famous books of Bipin Chandra. This book was published by Orient Blackswan in This book is a journey mapping the .

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Modern Indian History Book - download Modern Indian History book online at best prices in India on Read Modern Indian History book reviews & author details and more at. History of Modern India eBook: Bipan Chandra: Kindle Store. The book also provides a detailed account of the nationalist movement and. This book has been prepared by a team of experts keeping in mind the evolving pattern of UPSC exam, tracing the time period from Later Mughals till.

Online practice quizzes General Knowledge Today or any other good source and past year questions. How to read and comparison? From the recommended books point of view: Modern India is better for Mains rather than 'India Freedom Struggle' so it is better to read that from beginning. Spectrum vs Bipin Chandra - Spectrum is excellent for revision before exam, and Bipin Chandra is good to develop historical analysis aptitude and Mains type answers. So, we suggest to read both but use Spectrum for revision. Pay efforts to make notes from Bipin Chandra for last minute revision. How to Remember Chronology?

This book proves why casual readers need historians like Ramachandra Guha. I gather Bipan Chandra is a highly respected name among those who prepare for civil services.

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People find history boring in school because it deals merely in facts, dates and names. A study of history is incomplete unless we form opinions about it.

5 Books to Study History for UPSC Civil Services Prelims and Mains Exams

We talk about it, discuss, argue and even demolish mosques b This book proves why casual readers need historians like Ramachandra Guha. We talk about it, discuss, argue and even demolish mosques because of our interpretation of history. A book that simply lays out the facts without the author giving his own touch is too academic for my taste. In fact, I think even academic study can be sexier.

It is the story in the history appeals to the casual reader. I'm off to download Guha's Makers of Modern India. View all 3 comments. Jun 26, Parth Agrawal rated it it was amazing.

Modern Indian History

I've always wondered why do we even need to read history books. We can't change it, we can't meet the people who were involved and doesn't matter how good an author is, we never really feel the actual urge that the characters of the story must've had felt. This book starts from decline of the era of Mughals that means basically from the era of Aurangzeb and has concluded on 15th August , the day we got our independence. But if I just said that history was not a worthwhile endeavor, then why I've always wondered why do we even need to read history books.

But if I just said that history was not a worthwhile endeavor, then why am I starting a story here? Precisely because of this reason only as I stand corrected I've always heard my parents telling me that they in their graduation days have read this author and it was a treat. I totally agree with them. In 25 years, this author has neither lost his charm nor he has got any competition. Now, while the disintegration of Mughal empire was going on, various kingdoms surfaced during this time which includes Hyderabad, Mysore, Kerala, Maratha, Rajput, Sikhs etc British Empire has enjoyed special attention in the whole book though.

The journey continues as they make their first major move regarding the acquisition of political power in India when they defeated Siraj-ud-Daulah, in connivance with Mir Jafar, in battle of Plassey in and from there on, the Britishers never looked behind as they came to this realization that in order to further their economic causes in India, it's easier to indirectly acquire the political leadership and keep making exceptions for the EIC.

Dastak documents are one such example in which the Britishers had secured a farman from the Mughal empire where they didn't have to pay taxes for the entry or exit of their goods in Bengal. But the real twist of nationalism and communal-ism came into the picture around when all the important leaders from Raja Rammohan Roy to Jawahar Lal Nehru, Mahatma Gandhi and many others decided that enough is enough and nothing would be satisfactory to us apart from Poorna Swaraj Lahore session of Congress in I won't rob you off the thrill and sequential bliss that this book is and though it is mostly favored and read by people who are preparing for upsc, i feel that every Indian should read this book as this one is the best collection of historical events, presented in an impartial manner, that I have come across as of now View 2 comments.

Feb 16, Abby Varghese rated it really liked it. Such a great book which serves as an introduction to History of India. This book gives a brief account of events that led to the formation of India as we know today. I loved this book because its not very factual but had an analytic edge which helps for CS aspirants. Overall this is the best book I have read till now to get an holistic view of modern history of India.

View 1 comment. Jan 31, Akshita Bhardwaj rated it liked it.

History of Modern India eBook: Bipan Chandra: Kindle Store

Unlike India's struggle for Independence, this happens to be a mere compilation of facts. For more exhaustive and opinion-based work India's struggle Sep 03, Keerthy rated it really liked it Shelves: This book gives a brief account of events that tied India together after the fall of Mughal Empire and the freedom struggle.

Serves as an introductory read to those interested in the history of India.

Nov 03, Rohit Shinde rated it liked it Shelves: A bit biased toward Congress I think. Aug 13, Ravi Bhati rated it liked it. A neat and clean write up on the History of India. Well written. Good reference book for competitive exams.

Jan 02, Aachal Bidwai rated it it was ok Shelves: But is not the best one if you want to dive into the British Indian history of colonialism. Sep 12, Sherin P L rated it it was ok. Overall a good book. A fair enough idea about the freedom struggle is in this book.

But it lacks depth. So many important incidents are just mentioned or are not explained further. Many important personalities are not given due coverage, including Bose, Patel etc.

Over emphasis on the deeds of Nehru is seen.

So this book can't be counted as a comprehensive read of our freedom struggle. But good enough to get a blur picture of what has happened over the struggle years. Aug 18, Sharayu Gangurde rated it did not like it Shelves: Greatly disappointed with this book.

It vilifies the British badly and I have never read such an anti-British book ever. Did not think Bipin Chandra would ever present history in such a manner. He seems very biased about certain social reformers and leaders.

Not worth Civil Services prep for sure. Oct 24, Athul rated it it was ok. Its a bleeding text book. That's what this is. Apr 25, Sarath Ramakrishnan rated it liked it Shelves: Biased at times. Dec 08, Prathyush Sambaturu rated it liked it. It provides an account of the following events of the Modern Indian History: This book only provides important notes on these events and does not even go into the details of many events that happened during this period.

It is suitable as an overview for a reader who is new to Modern Indian history. Why were so many empire-shaking battles fought at Panipat?

In the light of this statement, review briefly the origin and development of Muslim Separatist Movement culminating into the creation of Pakistan in Not more than words Relation between Religion and Politics has been a subject of controversy since long.

What are the views of Mahatma Gandhi and Jawaharlal Nehru of this issue? Not more than words Give an account of the legislative measure passed during for the uplift of women.

Why was a new Act prohibiting Sati passed recently? About words Explain the contributions of the following to the social life of India? One sentence for each i Ela Bhatt ii M. Zakir Hussain x C. Annadurai Explain the significance of the following in the socio-religious context: About 50 words for each i The Alavar Saints ii Faraizi Movement iii Kuka Movement what do you know about the following movements?

About words each How far was Tagore a poet of Mankind? Discuss the role of the Theosophical Society in the history of religious movement in India. How far the labour legislations of the British Government were meant to ameliorate the condition of the working class. What were the contributions of the Arya Samaj to social and religious movement of India? Discuss Tagore's concept on education.

How far was it a departure from conventional system of education? About 50 words What were the basic differences between the conservative and the liberal schools of administrators in the latter of the 19th century?

Explain Rabindranath Tagore's Plan of village reconstruction. Add 3 Items to Cart. Rate Product. The USP of this book in my opinion would be the chapter on the history of Public Services in India, which is quite rare.

Deeptanshu Sharma Certified downloader Jun, The books contain a lot of information regarding Indian history. Flipkart Customer Certified downloader , Valia 3 months ago.

Tanmoy Sarkar Certified downloader , Barasat 8 months ago. Riya Bhakat Certified downloader , Puruliya 9 months ago. Hemanta Dhungel Certified downloader , Gohpur 10 months ago. Flipkart Customer Certified downloader , Agartala 11 months ago. Questions and Answers. Is this book good for MPSC?

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