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Buku Panduan Harvest Moon Back to Nature Versi Indonesia. Uploaded by Taika Download as PDF, TXT or read online from Scribd. Flag for inappropriate. Harvest Moon and Natsume are registered trademarks of. Natsume Inc. . Insert the Harvest Moon Back to Nature disc and close the Disc Cover. Insert the. PRIMAS OFFICIAL STRATEGY GUIDEU.S. $ Can. $ U.K. Electronic EntertainmentPlatform: PlayStation game console.

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Buku Harvest Moon Back To Nature Pdf

WALKTHROUGH HARVEST MOON BACK TO NATURE BAHASA INDONESIA Banyak buku-buku di perpustakaan yang ditulis oleh dia. [PDF] Buku Panduan Harvest Moon Back to Nature Lengkap Home. This is a site full of information about the video game Harvest Moon: Back to Nature on the . walkthrough harvest moon back pdf. Buku Guide Harvest Moon Ilang? Padahal langka, tinggal klik link dibawah ini dan baca langsung buku panduan harvest.

Story[ edit ] As a young boy, the main character went to his grandfather's farm for the summer. The boy befriended his grandfather's puppy and met a little girl his own age with whom he became close friends. When the summer was over the boy had to go back home, but he promised the little girl that he would return someday. Upon meeting the main character, mayor and other villagers decide that he would be allowed to stay as the rightful owner if he restored the farm to its original state within three years. Otherwise, he would have to leave. Over the course of the game the player must build a thriving farm, and become a friend of the citizens of Mineral Town. Throughout the game the player must balance between attending to the farm and interacting with other characters to maintain friendships.

The local carpenter, Gotz, can expandthe Barn to hold 20 animals; this isnt cheap, but its worth-while. The larger Barn allows you to breed more Cows, whichyou can sell back to Yodel Farm for a healthy sum. Sheep should be yourthird livestock invest-ment.

You can sell the Wool for a tidy profit, or breed the Sheepand sell them back to Yodel Farm. download Sheep from YodelFarm for 4, Gold. Any Sheep you download automaticallyappear in your Barn. You must begin caring for your new animalsthe day they arrive.

Caring for your Sheepinvolves talking to themand brushing them every day. Once sheared, aSheeps Wool regrows to its full lengthin seven days. Collect and breed Fish in your farms Fish Pond.

Youll need aFishing Rod you can get in the spring from Greg the Fishermanif you visit the dock between 6 and 9 a. Catching Fish requires alot of patience. Standfacing a body of water withthe Fishing Rod equipped. Press and hold P to cast the line. Continue holding P until you see the bobber snap under wateror your character strain against a tug on the line. Quickly releaseP; if youre lucky, youll catch a Fish or a useful object. Ifyoure unlucky, youll end up with an empty hook or some worth-less garbage.

Why do I need to forage? Around the village, youll findmany items to sell. You can gatherGrass and Berriesat these areas, as well, and place them in your bin tosell to Zack. Foraging for items is important at the beginning of each season, while you wait foryour crops to mature. Collect various types of wild plants and sell them for a modestprofit. Those plants are especially valuable because they grow back each day, alwaysin the same spots.

Explore a bit at the beginning of each season to see what you can collect. The days go by quickly. How can I better manage my time? Time is your greatest enemy and your greatest ally. Learn as many ways as you can to shave off a fewseconds from your daily chores. If you spend your entire day laboring on the farm, youll never beable to woo a girl and get married. Here are some time-saving tips.

Complete your daily chores in a logical order. Limiting the amount of running around you do willsave you precious minutes each day, because you wont waste time crossing and recrossing your field. For example, the Barn and the Stable are next to each other, so visit them on the same trip.

After a few weeks youll find a natural rhythm to your tasks. Eachupgrade makes it easier for you to complete your day-to-daytasks and reduces wear and tear on your character. Youll do more inless time and without having to take breaks in the Hot Spring. download a larger Rucksackand a Basket. As you harvest, you can carry moreitems at once to the Harvest Bin and save walking time.

Also,carry the Basket with you to the mine, and mine until its filledwith 30 pieces of ore or until your character is too tired to continue. Time stands still when youre indoors, so complete as many tasksas you can inside buildings.

Brush, milk, and shear your Cowsand Sheep in the Barn. Take care of your Horse inside the Stable. Youll even want to play with your Dog inside your home. Dumping produce into the Harvest Bin can take as long as 20minutes when youre carrying a full load. Because time standsstill when youre in a building, try to drop off your produce insidethe Barn or the Chicken Coop. Each of these buildings has a HarvestBin, so visit the nearest one to save a few minutes each day. If youdont have a ton of crops to harvest, this is quicker than carrying theBasket around the field with you.

Work with the Harvest Sprites as muchas you can. Doing so will save you a lot of time. Once theyve been work-ing for you for a while, they will be able to take care of most of your dailychores without your help. Spending a single hour inthe Hot Spring completelyrevives your character andallows him to do morechores.

Visit it often so youcan work as much as possiblein a day. Its also a good ideato visit the Hot Spring everynight before going to bed. As long as youve been in the Hot Springfor an hour and you get to bed before 1 a. There are many things to do each day on your farm, but dont neglect your sociallife. As important as planting and harvesting are, building relationships with thevillagers is equally important.

Relationships provide you with more than just a distraction from daily chores. They broaden the game considerably. The more other people like you, the more likelyyou are to encounter them from time to time. They may give you items you wouldntget otherwise. If they like you enough, villagers can also provide you with recipes; themore recipes you have, the higher your completion percentage will be after you pre-pare those foods in your Kitchen.

An easy way to get people to like you is to take part in all village activities. You can win all kinds of great stuff at thefestivals. And you cant make friends or find your true love ifyoure always slaving away on the farm. Get out occasionally andhave some fun. How do I know where to find eligible women? You want to build a strong relationship with one of the villagegirls. If you work hard enough to get a girl to like you, someday youll marry her and have a baby. The five eligible women are: Works and lives at theInn Elli: Works at the Clinic Karen: Sometimes works atthe Supermarket Mary: Works at the Library and lives next door to it Popuri: Lives at the Poultry FarmHow do I get a girl to marry me?

Refer to Mineral Village and Its Characters for details about eachgirl.

Harvest Moon Back to Nature Prima Official eGuide.pdf

You must learn what they like and dislike so you can give thegirl of your choice lots of gifts, and learn their daily schedules so youcan find them more easily. When the heart is black, the girl feels no affection towardyou. As the girls affection grows, the color draws closer to red.

When it reaches red, you can ask her to marry you. Proposing marriage is doneusing a Blue Feather that you can download at theSupermarket for 1, Gold.

The Blue Feather becomes availableonly once a girls heart is very close to turning red and youveupgraded your home twice. To propose, download a Blue Feather andgive it to the girl of your choice.

If she likes you enough, shell sayyes and move into your home. When can I have a baby? About a season after youre married, your wife will start to tellyou that shes hungry, but she doesnt know what she wants toeat.

Two seasons later, youll be the proud parent of a baby boy! There isnt much you can do with the baby while its an infant, so doyour best to provide for it by working extra hard on the farm. Two seasons after its born, your blue bundle is crawling aroundon the floor in his cute little mouse suit.

Though hes still too youngto toss a football, at least you can talk to him and get those affectionhearts up. The affection rating of your family is important to yoursuccess, so dont neglect the little tyke. What role do Harvest Sprites play in the game? The Harvest Sprites are a farmers best friends. They can assist you with your daily chores everyday in return for a small gift.

With their assistance, you can greatly increase the size of yourfarm without having to slave away all day in your fields.

The Harvest Sprites live behind the Church. You can find themthere anytime unless theyre working on your farm. To getthem to work for you, talk to them twice. Theyll ask what type ofwork you have for them. You can ask them to take care of youranimals, or to water or harvest your crops. Then select an amountof time for them to workone day, three days, or an entire week.

Although its a good idea to ask them to work a full week, youllhave more control over their day-to-day chores if you ask them towork a single day. When hur-ricanes or blizzards hit the village, you cant leave your house, butthe Harvest Sprites can brave the weather to reach your farm.

Watch the weather forecast carefully and always ask a Sprite or twoto take care of your animals on stormy days. Otherwise, your ani-mals will go without food during the storm and may become sick.

How can I get the Harvest Sprites to like me? The Harvest Sprites arent veryhelpful at first. Theyre unaccus-tomed to farm chores, and willwork for only a little while beforethey quit for the day. Every dayHarvest Sprites work, their affection rat-ings decrease by one point. If youdont provide some sort of payment,youll see a reduction in theiraffection and their work ethic. Be sure to pay your Harvest Sprites for every day they work. As the Harvest Sprites affection for you grows, theyll workharder.

To speed up this process, be sure to pay each of them dailywith something they really like. A bag of Flour is best. It costs 50Gold at the Supermarket, so having all of the Harvest Sprites work-ing for you can be expensive. To offset the cost, keep Chickens;theyll lay Eggs daily, and those sell for 50 Gold each. Once a Spriteshearts are maxed out, you can pay it with Eggs instead of Flour.

How important is the weather and what can I do toprepare for it? Most of the time youll have good weather or just a little rain, but once in a while theweather goes crazy and things can get rough. Bad weather can occur during summer and winter. Hurricanes mayhit during the summer, blizzards during the winter. Such huge storms arerough enough that you wont be able to go outside and they can damageyour crops, Hothouse, and Fences, and hurt any livestock left outside. How can you prepare?

First, employ the Harvest Sprites to take careof your animals. They can brave the bad weather to make sure youranimals are fed. Ask them to work for you for a week, because stormsoften last several days. Storms can destroy your Fences, so gather any Lumber lying around your farm and put it in theWoodbin for safekeeping.

Storms can destroy your Hothouse, as well, but you cant put it away. Just har-vest everything you can before the storm, and then hope the structure survives. Make sure you put all ofyour animals inside. Theyll take a hit to their affection levels no matter what, but if theyre outside in astorm they may not survive. Theyll be reluctant to work for you during the spring, but you can talk them into it. Speak to them five times and theyllgive in eventually.

Just remember that if you want to participate in their Tea Party, you must give them at least one day off. The Tea Party can take place only on days when all seven Harvest Sprites are at home. You cant watch TV, so that leaves you with only a couple of options. If you have a Kitchen and enough cooking materials, spend theday trying out new recipes. Or just go to sleep.

Imagine how well restedyour character will be after 24 hours of sleep. What can I do to recuperate after a storm? After a storm, take excellent care of your animals to quickly rebuild their affection levels. Replace anyFences you took down. If you left them up, remove damaged portions by smashing them with aHammer. If your Hothouse was destroyed, you may want to begin working toward having another built.

Survey the damage and try to smile despite it all. Just be happy you prepared for the worst; surely youcame away in better shape than you would have otherwise.

Can I cultivate Power Berries? Power Berries are very rare. You can acquire them only by completingcertain events or meeting certain requirements. Unlike normal food, these berries have unusual and very valuableeffects on your character. Every Power Berry your character eatsincreases his energy by 10 points. The extra energy allows you to per-form more work. If you collect all 10 Power Berries, youll be able towork twice as long as you could originally.

The following table reveals how to obtain all 10 Power Berries. Also check behind the upper corner of the Winter Mine. Ocean Catch a Power Berry while fishing in the ocean. Swimming Festival Win the swimming race to get a Power Berry. Anna If you plant more than 90 flowers on your farm during the summer, Anna will stop by and askto pick some.

Tell her she can have as many as she wants, and shell give you a Power Berry. Goddess Toss food into the waterfall every day and the Goddess will give you a Power Berry.

Big Tree Find a lone tree at the middle of Mothers Hill. Try to chop it down, but agree not to when the tree asks. The tree gives you a Power Berry as thanks. The Mystic Berry reduces by 50 percent the amount of fatigueyou experience after performing tasks. This has a huge impacton how much you can do each day.

To get the Mystic Berry, you must find a mysterious creatureknown as Kappa. It lives in the lake at the base of Mothers Hill. Kappa doesnt show up without a good reason. To make it appear,you must stand in front of the two trees on the left side of the lakeand toss three Cucumbers into the water. You must stand in justthe right spot or this wont work.

Kappa does not appear in the winter. How is my completion percentage calculated? The percentage shown at the top of the submenu tells you howmuch of the game youve completed, based on the following: The affection level of your Dog and your Horse The number of Chickens, Cows, and Sheep you own The number of Power Berries youve collected The number of buildings youve upgraded on your farm The number of recipes youve written down in your recipe book How much your wife loves you Your relationship with your childTo get a percent rating, you must do as much as possible in every area.

This isnteasy. It requires that you create a successful farm and build strong relationships withall of your neighbors. Thus, you mustnt become preoccupied with any singleaspect of the game.

If you spend all of your time working on your farm, youllnever build strong relationships with your neighbors. And if you spend all ofyour time talking to people, youll never earn the money you need to downloadupgrades and animals. Plant as many crops as you can handle and quickly build relationships withthe Harvest Sprites. They can do most of your work for you and leave you withtime for other activities.

Its important to be ambitious when planting, but youalso must be able to complete your chores quickly each day. Try to rapidly buildrelationships with the people in town. Pick a person and work hard at getting thatperson to like you; then move on to the next one.

And concentrate on getting agirl to like you. Wooing takes a long time and requires a lot of gifts, so you cantput it off. Finally, when someone tells you something you think may be impor-tant, write it down so you dont forget. Play smart, and your percentage will rise rapidly. Your progress in HarvestMoon: Back to Nature is measured in part by how well you get along with your neighbors. Not only must you become friends with the other villagers, you must also forge a special relation-ship with a village girl.

Pay close attention to what the girls like, as well as to their schedules. Knowingwhat to give them and where to find them will help you woo the girl of your dreams. Having a profitablefarm may make you a successful farmer, but a high rating also depends on how much your wife lovesyou and the relationship you have with your child.

Take time to read about each of the villagers. Their birthdays are listed here, and are also highlightedon the calendars in the Seasonal Walkthrough. Dont pass up any opportunity to do a friend a favor or toacknowledge someones birthday.

Making personal connections is vital. As in real life, how rich you are isnt measured only by howmuch you have in the bank. Its also measured by the number of friends and loved ones you have in yourheart. Open Noon4 p. Lillias husband hasgone to fetch medicine for Lillia. She has trouble with her leg and doesnt get around well, which iswhy the farm is open for only a short time each day.

Bodigizer, Wild Grapes Dislikes: Speak to her whenever you want to downloadChickens or Chicken Feed. RICK Birthday: Bodogizer, Spa-boiled Egg, Wine Dislikes: Rick is very protective of his sister Popuri, and doesntappreciate the attentions lavished on her by Kai, owner ofthe Seaside Lodge open only during summer. The Poultry Farm is just downthe road from your home.

Popuri helps her mother, Lillia, run thefarm. Popuri thinks farming is boring, so she wanders away whenever shecan. You can often find her at the Hot Spring. Popuris Schedule7: Hot Spring except on rainy days 10 a.

Her houseSundays 9: Church except in summer Sundays 8: Open 9 a. Whenyou want to download livestock or Feed, speak to Barley. Rice Balls, Spa-boiled Eggs Dislikes: Cheese, MayonnaiseBarley runs the livestock farm. Long ago, his daughter left andreturned with a baby. Then she left again, leaving her baby,May, behind. Barley loves his granddaughter very much, but wish-es she had friends her age to play with. Barley and May have a dognamed Hana. MAY Birthday: Shes young, andthere arent many other young people for her to play with.

Despiteher age, May tries to help her grandfather as much as she can. Open 10 a. You can have Saibara upgrade your tools if youhave the right type of ore and enough money. Saibara can create a maker Yarn, Cheese, orMayonnaise for your farm if you have the 20, Gold plus a piece of Adamantite. Bodigizer, Bread Saibara runs the Blacksmiths Shop. Talk to himwhenever you want to download or upgrade tools. If youtake precious ores to Saibara, hell use them to makebeautiful accessories you can give as gifts to the villagegirls.

Or you can sell the accessories back to Saibara fortwice what it cost to make them. GRAY Birthday: Bodigizer, Valuable Ores Dislikes: He feels his grandfather doesnt appreciate thework he does. Gray often speaks about wanting to go back to the city. Noon; closed Saturdays Proprietors: Be careful how much you enjoy the winery, though;wine tasting can be expensive. In fall, Duke and Manna will begin harvesting the grapes that growbehind their home. You can assist with the harvest to earn extra money.

Bread, Spa-boiled Eggs, Wine Dislikes: He loves Wine anddrinks a lot of it. At night, youll often find him hanging out at theInn, where he enjoys a drink after a long day at work. Large Fish, Honey Dislikes: Metal OresManna helps Duke run the winery. She likes to talk.

Harvest Moon Back to Nature Prima Official eGuide.pdf

You can find herat home selling wine and at Rose Square around noon on most days. Jeff, Sasha, KarenYou can download food, seeds, and many other useful items at the Supermarket.

The wares change from season to season, so check back often. Apples, Bamboo Shoots, Bodigizer Dislikes: Ores, WineJeff is a struggling merchant. Too many take advantage of hiskindness.

Be sure to pay your bill whenever you shop at hisSupermarket. Chocolate, Cookies, Wild Grapes Dislikes: Cheese, EggsSasha yells at Jeff for being so easygoing, but shes a good wifeand a dependable person. She spends a lot of time visitingother villagers and likes to gossip with some of the other ladies inRose Square at noon on nice days. She can be a littlehard to connect with because shes not in the Supermarket all thetime and shes very active. Karens Schedule a. In front of the Supermarket on rainy days, inside the Supermarket 10 a.

Her house16 p. Beach except on rainy days p. Sundays and Tuesdays Inn 1: Tuesdays, if its not raining Hot Spring 1: Basil, Anna, MaryRefer to the Librarys many excellent books to learneverything from how to raise animals to local folklore.

The selection changes, so check back from time to time. Grass red, blue, or green , Mushrooms, Poisonous Mushrooms Dislikes: Fish, Ores, WoolBasil is a botanist and author of many of the books in theLibrary. He moved his family to Mineral Village just so hecould study the plants in the area. You can find Basil at the Innjust about every night.

Harvest moon back to nature guide book pdf

ANNA Birthday: Cake, Cookies, Flowers Dislikes: Cheese, Spa-boiled EggsAnna is Basils wife. Shes very nice. Anna usually spends the lunch hour at Rose Square chatting with the other village wives. She loves to read and write. Marys Schedule10 a. Mondays Mothers Hill except on rainy days 14 p. The Clinic can give you an exam to see what ails you and can sell youmedicine to make you well. If you overwork yourself and faint fromfatigue, youll find yourself at the Clinic.

The Doctor will keep youthere until youve regained your strength. The next morning, youllawaken at home, having overslept. Bamboo Shoot, Wine Dislikes: Accessories, OresThe Doctor is a very serious person, but he has the welfare of the entirevillage to look out for. Cool but enthusiastic, the doctors bedside man-ner is appreciated by all. He has a secret crush on Elli.

ELLI Birthday: Shes devoted to her work and spends mostof her time at the Clinic. Ellis Schedule9 a. In addition toits regular services, the Church hosts the Music Festival. Theres also a Confessional where you can confess your sins if you have any. Bread, Turnips, Wine Dislikes: Bodigizers, Grass red, blue, or green Pastor Carter can be found at the Church. Hes an odd but nice man. Open 8 a. The ground floor is a popular restaurant and bar wherethe locals like to hang out at night.

You can download delicious foodfrom Doug during the day and evening to restore your charactersstrength and lessen fatigue.

This is also the only place in town whereyou can find a Telephone to order items from the TV Shopping Networkonce youve expanded your home. DOUG Birthday: Bamboo Shoots, Fish, Mushrooms Dislikes: Flowers, Ores, WoolDoug does most of the cooking at the Inn.

Hes raised Ann byhimself since his wife passed away. Hes proud of his daughterand often seems overanxious to see her marry one of the townsyoung men. Like herfather, shes a very good cook.

Her biggest problem is trying to keepher dad from interfering in her love life. Anns Schedule a. Hot Spring Except on rainy days 10 a. Inn, 2nd Floor17 p. Inn, 1st Floor p. Fish Dislikes: Poisonous Mushrooms, GrassThough Won arrives in the village under a veil of mystery, itssoon clear to everyone that his wares are like nothing else inthe area.

He not only sells some exotic and expensive seeds;hell also, from time to time, sell you household items. Bewarehow much you spend, though. Won isnt the most honest guy,and sometimes he sells fake items. Overall, however, hes a valuable resource for seeds and other items.

You can find Won at the Inn on most days. Curry, Spa-boiled Egg Dislikes: Bodigizer, OresCliff is pretty much a loner, with no family. When Duke asks for your help harvesting grapes at the win-ery, ask Cliff if hed like to help. If you do, hell stay on at the win-ery to help out Duke and Sasha. If you dont befriend him, even-tually hell leave the village. Cliff has a secret crush on Ann.

Each months activities are posted on thesignboard there. Local women gather to gossip in thesquare around noon on sunny days. KAI Birthday: Bread, Flour, Oil Dislikes: Bamboo Shoots, Mushrooms, TurnipsKai comes to the village only in summer. Hes very popular with most of the townsfolk.

You can pur-chase food from him during the day. He has a crush on Popuri. ZACK Birthday: Bodigizer, Large Fish Dislikes: Curry Powder, Flour, Oil Zack is the local deliveryman. Hell show up at your farm at 5p. He pays you on the spot for whatever he takes. Zack usuallywanders the town running errands and picking up produce fromthe farm. He has a nice home on the beach, but he does littlemore than sleep there. Large Fish Dislikes: Bodigizer, OilGreg is the local fisherman. Youll find him on the dock mostmornings during spring.

Open 11 a. Gotz can upgrade mostbuildings on your farmfor a price. You must collect alarge amount of Lumber and Gold before you can upgradeyour buildings, but youll find its worth the expense. GOTZ Birthday: Curry Powder, Flour, Oil Dislikes: Accessories, YarnGotz is a skilled carpenter, if a bit gruff. Youll often find him wan-dering around Mothers Hill looking for timber, or in the localSupermarket, but he spends most of his time at home.

Speak tohim whenever you want to upgrade a building on your farm. Bread, Honey Dislikes: Hes on a mission to find a rare type of bee indige-nous to this area. If you find bees on your farm, be sure totake him a jar of their honey. MayorThomas doesnt spend all of his time at home, though; he musttour the village often to make sure everything is alright. Harristhe Policeman and Kano the Photographer also spend time here. Potatoes, Wine Dislikes: Ores, Strawberry JamThe Mayor is well respected by the community, and with goodreason.

He spends his days visiting the villagers and making sureeverything is as it should be. Spa-boiled Eggs, Wine Dislikes: Onions, Ores, Yarn Harris is the local police force. He wanders the townthroughout the day to make sure it remains quiet. InMineral Village, thats a boring job. KANO Birthday: Mushrooms, Poisonous Mushrooms, Wine Dislikes: Cucumbers, PotatoesKano is a world-class photographer. He dreams of using his pho-tos to show how people and animals can live together in harmony.

People visit oftento check in on Ellen and Stu, because Ellen has troublegetting around and Stu is too young to take on seriousresponsibility. Shedoesnt get around much these days, but shes always willing totalk to visitors. STU Birthday: Wild Grapes, Yarn Dislikes: Carrots, WineStu is Ellens grandson.

Hes a playful child, but living withhis grandmother can be a little dull for him. There are fewchildren in the village, so he usually entertains himself onthe path outside their home. You can ask them to work on your farm in exchange for a smallgift each day they work.

They have a Tea Party every spring, and ifyoure good to them youll be invited. The Harvest Sprites havethe same likes and they like a lot!

AQUA Birthday: What follows are descriptions of every gameitem, categorized by type. Sellable ItemsSellable items include those you can sell for a profit by placing them in your farms Harvest Bin. Other than whatyou produce or grow, these are the only things you can sell for money. Often rare, these items can prove invaluable to you inyour adventure.

Available 10 days after downloadof medium rucksack. Vase 5,G Salesman Holds flowers after you build bedroomWrapping Paper G Supermarket Wrapping for birthday presentsOther ItemsYou may find the following items lying around or you can download them at a shop.

Although you can carry themwith you and store them for later use, none of them may be sold. Bread G Supermarket Use in recipes. After youve upgraded your home once, you can download all of the following utensils from the TV Shopping Network on Saturdays.

Youll find all of the following flowers growingon Mothers Hill at different times of year. Take plentyof them to the girl of your choice to make a goodimpression. In this chapter, youll learn about each tool in Harvest Moon: Back to Nature,including details on function, upgrades, and cost.

Soon youll be well on your way to earning yourneighbors respect and restoring Grandfathers farm to its former glory and beyond.

If you throw seeds on untilled soil, theyll disappear andyoull have wasted hard-earned money. To till the soil, face the hero toward a clear spot in your field. You cannot till soil thats covered with weeds, a Stone, aBranch, or a Stump. Press P to till a single square of land. Nowyou can drop seeds on the tilled soil, but because each pack ofseeds covers a 3 x 3 area, youll want to till more than a singlesquare at a time.

As you upgrade your Hoe, youcan till larger areas with lesseffort. Upgrading requires goldearned from harvesting crops or uncovering the ore in the local mines. Themore you upgrade a tool, the more effective it becomes; youll be able to domore work with less fatigue.

Upgrading gets progressively more expensive,so dont expect to be able to upgrade all of your tools right away. Use the Hoe to dig for ore inthe mines, as well. This isthe only tool you can use for digging.

No matter how muchyou upgrade your Hoe, in the mine you can dig up only a sin-gle square at a time. You probably wont get much Sickle experience at first, but as youbegin downloading and breeding livestock, youll master it quickly.

To use the Sickle, face whatever you want to cut down, andpress P. Cutting down weeds causes them to vanish. Whenyou cut down full-grown grass, you create fodder. The fodder isautomatically transferred to the feed bin in your barn. As you upgrade theSickle, you can harvestmore grass and cut downmore weeds with less effort and strain.

This is a blessing if youvecreated a large field of grass, because you cant ask the HarvestSprites to help you collect fodder. Tools of the Tradeprimagames. Lumber plays a big part in your daily life. You can use it to create fences, fuel a fireplace, andupgrade farm buildings. Expect to spend lots of time chopping wood. You need a lot of it to get a percent rating. You can get Lumber by chopping up Branches or Stumps. Fallen Branches lie all over your farm at the beginning of thegame, and you sometimes snag them when you fish.

Becausetheyre small, you can use your basic Axe to chop up Branches byfacing the Branch and pressing P. Youll receive one piece ofLumber for every Branch you chop up. The lumber is automati-cally placed in your Woodbin. You must upgrade to at least a copper Axe before you can cutup a Stump. The better your Axe, the less effort this takes. Each Stump you chop up nets you six pieces of Lumber. Initially,there are several Stumps in your field. TheStumps you find anywhere but your farm will be replaced everyday, regardless of season, so cut them up as often as you can.

Upgrading your Axe helpsreduce the fatigue you experi-ence from chopping wood. By the time you upgrade to the Axe withMystrile, you can chop an entire Stump with only one whack. Hold Puntil the vein pops up on your characters head, then release it. These impede your work, because you cant tillthe soil under them and you cant walk over them. You can pick up and move small Stones, throw theminto the grass to dispose of them, or smash them with your basic Hammer.

You can destroy largerStones only with a Hammer youve upgraded once or twice, depending on the Stone. By the second year, youll want to upgrade your Hammer. Themore you upgrade it, the easier it gets to dispose of thosebothersome Stones. Large Stones can be destroyed with a copperHammer or better. You can destroy huge Stones only with a silverHammer or better. Your Hammer also helpsyou carry out othertasks. For example, youcan flatten tilled soil backinto untilled soil with asingle hit.

And if a piece oflumber is damaged in astorm, the only way youcan remove it is to smashit with the Hammer. Because you must water your plants everyday to help them grow, you get a lot of use out of your Watering Canpossibly the most important toolin your toolbox. Watering can take a long time. To fill your Watering Can withwater, stand next to a body of water and press P. To wateryour plants, stand in front of them and press P again. YourWatering Can doesnt hold an unlimited supply, so you may needto refill it once or twice, depending on how much watering youhave to do.

As you upgrade yourWatering Can, youllbe able to water larger areas atonce. This has a direct impacton how you plant your crops. Because you can water only asingle square at first, planting afull 3 x 3 area is pointless: After youve upgraded theWatering Can a couple of times,you can water that center squareevery day, and take full advantageof your seeds and the field.

Youget the Fishing Rod and the Brush early on, and acquire the other items as you increase your live-stock holdings or prepare to propose to that special someone. Sure, youcan make money foraging and mining, but the real money lies in what you grow. Choosing Your CropsEvery season except winter has crops associated with it.

This leaves you with a lot of planting options. Even though one type of produce may be more profitable than another, youll still need a good mix forrecipes, to give as gifts, and to get special seeds. Also consider how much work you can handle. Until your tools are upgraded and youve trained theHarvest Sprites, youll need to keep your farm small.

Otherwise, youll spend all your time in yourfield, unable to explore the other aspects of the game. At first, what you plant is determined by what you can afford. Thisamounts to little at first, but eventually you should be able to downloadalmost anything you want. Try planting some crops you need harvest onlyonce, at the beginning of the season, and see how well you do. If you donthave time for anything but watering and harvesting, either hire moreHarvest Sprites, or simply plant fewer one-time crops after the harvest.

downloading Your SeedsYou can download most seeds atthe Supermarket, but some you must download at the Inn fromWon, the traveling salesman. The Supermarket carries only seeds you can grow during thecurrent season.

If Gotz has built you a Hothouse, however, youcan grow any kind of seed, regardless of the weather. Its a goodidea to download a few extras each season if you can afford it.

Won sells all of his seeds throughout the year, so you canalways go to him when the need arises. Planting Your SeedsHow you plant your crops is yet another consideration.

Harvest moon back to nature guide book pdf

At first, you shouldtill a 3 x 3 area, but leave the central square untilled. You cant water it,so seeds planted there will grow only on rainy days. After you upgrade to thesilver Watering Can or a better one , you can use the center square withcrops that are harvested only once.

For those you can harvest repeatedly, waituntil you have some Harvest Sprites well trained before you use the centersquare. You cant harvest it on your own, but the Harvest Sprites can walkright through the surrounding plants to reach the produce there. There are many ways to plant, but this simple pattern is the best wayto get the most out of your field and still get around easily.

If you dont,they wont grow and theyll never be ready to harvest. You can water yourfields using your Watering Can, or you can hire Harvest Sprites to assist. Rainwaters all of your crops automatically, so you neednt bother on rainy days.

You must use it past the required percent-age before its ready for an upgrade. Press t to scroll through to theTools page to check on the progressof your tools. Upgrading your Watering Canmakes watering your crops a lit-tle easier. After the upgrade, hold P,then release. You can water an entirecrop patch with just one movement.

How much area you can cover dependson the extent of your upgrade. Time to HarvestHarvesting your crops is easy. When a plant is ready to harvest, justwalk up to it and press U. Produce will appear in your charactershands.

Press r to put the item in your rucksack. To place it in theHarvest Bin to ship, press r again to put it in your hand, then U to put itin the bin. Its also a good idea to place some of your harvest in yourrefrigerator once you have one. When you place your crops in a basket orbin, try to stand near the center of thecontainer so you dont overshoot it and waste your hard-earned harvest.

Build a HothouseYou can grow crops in thefield only in certain seasons,but if you have a Hothouse,you can grow them year-round. Gotz, the local carpenter, canbuild a Hothouse for you, butnot until after youve upgradedall of your other buildings. Hothouses arent cheaptheycost 30, Gold and piecesof lumberso it may take you awhile to save up. These climatic events candamage your crops and destroy yourHothouse. Damage to your fieldcrops is usually minimal, but canstill be painful.

Losing yourHothouse is far worse, consideringthe cost of building it and theloss of everything inside. Youmay download them after youve shipped units of every other type ofproduce from that season, including seeds sold at the Supermarket and by Won. The special seeds are some of the best, so try to download some within the first year. Seeds and ProduceThe following table lists every crop and the information that pertains to it. Refer to the table as you plan your field each season. Regardless of its type, any crops rate of growth depends entirely on the amount of water it receives.

You must water your crops daily to realize the kinds of results noted in the Days to Grow column. Raising animals is a greatway to earn extra cash, and it allows you to participate in some vil-lage festivals youd just have to watch otherwise. This chapter provides all the information you need to raise and care for your livestock. DogThe Dog Ball is the only Dog-related item. They will "invite" you to the tea party happens automatically and you get the tea leaves! Ann's Nap If you are married to Ann in the Spring any year , she will have a "nap".

Ann's Birthday Party To get invited to Ann's birthday party, you must become friends with her. Try to get her heart up more than purple. If it is high enough, in the beginning of summer you'll get an invitation in the mail from Ann! It invites you to her party on the 17th! Then on the 17th go to her house between 10Am and 6PM and you'll get to attend her party!

Don't forget her birthday gift! Doug's memories On Fall 5th after 5pm, go to the peak of Mother's Hill. You'll see Doug thinking about his deceased wife. Moondrops for Karen 12 Between the 1st and 20th of Spring if Karen likes you, she will give you some moondrop seeds. Plant them and give them to her when they bloom and she'll like you more.

Hatch the egg and name it Popuri and she'll like you more. If you like her, dance with her at the festival that day after the event.

Fireworks with Kai On Summer, Year 2, the day before the fireworks, talk to Kai at the beach between 9 and 6 and ask him to watch the fireworks with you. This will make you better friends. Give Kai Corn In Summer any year, Kai may stop by and ask to download Corn from you, sell it to him for 50 gold to make better friends with him. Helping at Winery On the 14th of Fall, Duke will stop by and ask for help harvesting grapes.

Go to the Winery everyday at for a week until 5 and harvest. Make sure to get every berry to get G. Also ask Cliff to help you that day Duke asks you to get Cliff to stay, and pick the berries at the spot Cliff goes to first to make sure you get them! After that, go to Mother's Hill's peak on a snowy day to see it. Tell Ellen and Basil about it the next day.

Cute Cricket This can happen at anytime in the Fall. If you are married To Elli, Stu will give you a cricket at your farm. Taking Care of Chickens 13 If you have a chicken coop extention and only 5 chickens, in the Fall on the 14thth Rick will stop by and ask you to take care of 5 chickens. Say yes and this will increase your friendship plus you get to keep the money from the eggs. You will see Cliff faint. Talk to him and you will pick up a photograph. Go to the Clinic and Cliff will be lying in bed.

The Doctor asks everyone to leave. Next time you see Cliff, return his photo to become better friends with him. Water Mill In Fall Year 1 or 2 on any day up to the 27th, Gray make come to your farm as you walk outside. He will be mad and ask to use your Mill to make a hammer.

Let him do so and you will raise your friendship. He will weed your field also in return. After a few days he'll ask you to try the hammer, it'll break. Mary sees this, then go to Village Square to see Mary and Gray fight. Gray will later thank you. Third year,but I don't remember the day or time. You go to the woodcutter's house and there are four people standing next to it. Go and talk to them and they each will say something about a hairy, long-legged, scary monster that tries to attack them at night.

Gotz will come out of his house and walk to the back where his long pile of logs is. Go and talk to him and he will say,"I have a hairy face?

Don't accuse me! Then a monkey will appear and walk away. Go back to the four people Jeff, Kai, Harris, and Stu and the monkey will be in the center. Talk to everyone and they will say something about the monkey was the thing that was hairy, long-legged, scary monster that attacks them at night. Gotz will come back and say that the monkey came to the bottom of the mountain by mistake and will take the monkey back.

Nothing happens after this.

If you could please post this on your website, I would be very apreciative. It was a funny cinema. Thanks so much. Harris' Love About Fall 30th of the 1st year if you are friends with Harris, he'll come to your house at about p.

He needs help with writing a letter to her, you can either help him or not. Then the next day visit Manna and you will automatically tell her the secret. After that you do the normal and go to bed. The next 14 morning when you come outside Harris comes and tells you he's sorry to bother you with the little incident. Zack comes by and tells Harris he has a letter to give him from Aja.

Zack gives him the letter and Harris leaves happy and goes to patroll. Supposedly this raises your friendship with Harris. Ann will be talking some sense into her Ann will ask you to take her home - you'll arrive home together and she will tell you she's feeling better now.

Sandwiches From Elli In early winter before the 5th in the 1st year, Elli will come by at to ask if you can try out her sandwitch. You eat it and she implies that you don't like it then she says she'll come back tomarrow.

The next day, she comes at to give you another kind of sandwitch and you won't like it. The next day at she'll come back and give you a combo sandwitch and you'll like it.

Her heart level will rise by 1. She'll say that she'll start making the combo sandwitches for Stu. You're just to test out the sandwitches. You MUST be at your farm at for those three days for her heart color to rise. Eggs For Ann On the 6th of the 1st winter, Ann will come by your house to ask if you can bring 3 eggs to the inn for 3 days.

If you say yes, you MUST bring 3 eggs for the next 3 days to the inn. After the 3 days, Ann's heart level will go up by one. If you go past him, he might automatically talk to you, if he doesn't, talk to him.

He'll say that a blizzard's brewing in the mountains and for you to stay away for that day. If you start to head up Mother's Hill, you will be knocked out by the storm. Luckily, you'll end up in Gotz's cabin but he will start to scold you saying, "I told you not to underestimate the power of nature! Expensive Honey If you have honey, give your hive to Louis and he'll discover that the bee that makes your honey is a rear species.

The next day he'll thank you and tell the downloader that the honey should be sold at a higher price. You'll get 60G for your honey now. Apple Pie for Ellen 15 The date varies for this one, but it is usaully in the summer, in the 1st year. On day the Mayor will come to your house saying that he is going to the nearby village and needs a favor.

Finish your chores, and then go to the Inn and ask Doug for the pie just go up to him and talk , and he will give it to you. Go to Ellen house and give her the pie. It is only a few coins, and Elli won't be happy. If you don't accept the tip, Elli will come in and have an extra piece of pie, and she will give it to you.

The next day the mayor will bring you a piece of cake. Thiefing Cat Not sure about the date, but go to the Inn in the beginning of second spring and Ann, her father, Harris, May and Barley are all standing in a circle. They say that food is being stolen from the inn. If you enter the back room, a cat will walk by into the main room.

When you go back to the main room, they realize that the cat was the burgler! Jeff Wins a Contest The date varies on this, but if you go to the supermarket, Sasha an Jeff are talking about how Jeff won a contest and they should do something to celebrate.

Leave and go back in and they decided to have a sale to celebrate. It turns out all of the villagers think they are broke and going out of business so they all go pay back their tabs, and now Jeff is out of debt! Waiting for Kai This is a random date event, but it happens on a sunny event. Go to the crossroad near the blacksmith where you turn right to the Poultry farm. Popuri and Mary will be waiting for Kai there. Popuri Leaving To get this, become good friends with Kai in the summer.

Just give him a gift everyday. When the summer ends Kai will come and say goodbye and says he is taking Popuri with him.

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