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THE PoLITICAL DICTIONARY was suggested by the consideration that the ' Penny Cyclopredia' of Constitution, Political Economy, Trade and Commerce, Adminis tration, and Law; and that if sciences, but for the governors of pro vinces. on most political subjects which cannot be found in any other book adapted for Law Dictionary nor to be free from the errors which are unavoidable in any work with which an hereditary chief or an government which the abstract science. Dictionary of Science and Technology. 0 8. Easier English™ titles: Easier English Basic Dictionary. 0 5. Easier English Basic Synonyms.

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Political Science Dictionary Pdf

A ~ A bit much If something is excessive or annoying, it is a bit much. A fool and his money New Microsoft Word Docume. There is a distinction between the two and this matter of vocabulary is part of it. . So, the specialized vocabulary of political science-its 'jargon' to use a perjora-. scientific definitions. This plain English guide focuses on political terms as part of our ongoing campaign on literacy and political participation. Literacy.

The author of several books listed at www. Theodore J. Lowi has been the John L. Includes bibliographical references. ISBN hardcover : alk. Political science—Dictionaries. Lowi, Theodore J. C35 Civil Society. It is a dictionary and far more. It is a method for unpacking a dense concept by separating out its components while providing a logical relation among them.

Former U.

Joseph McCarthy see McCarthyism is often cited as a classic demagogue. Fence Mending: What politicians do when they visit their electoral districts to explain an unpopular action.

The term originated in , when Ohio Senator John Sherman made a trip home that most people considered a political visit. Sherman insisted, however, that he was home "only to repair my fences. Because there is no rule in the Senate over how long a member can speak, a Senator can prevent a bill from coming up for a vote by talking endlessly. Senator Strom Thurmond of South Carolina set the record in by speaking for more than 24 hours without stopping.

Fishing Expedition: An investigation with no defined purpose, often by one party seeking damaging information about another. Such inquiries are likened to fishing because they pull up whatever they happen to catch.

Front Burner: Where an issue is placed when it must be dealt with immediately Gerrymander: The reorganization of voting districts by the party in power to insure more votes for their candidates. The term originated in , when Governor Elbridge Gerry of Massachusetts signed a bill that changed districts to favor the Democrats.

The shape of one new district supposedly resembled a salamander, provoking a Boston newspaper editor to say, "Salamander? Call it a Gerrymander! Those who espouse an ideology are sometimes criticized as rigid and narrow-minded.

An issue described as "inside the Beltway" is believed to be of concern only to the people who work in and with the federal government and of little interest to the nation at large. Lame Duck: An officeholder whose term has expired or cannot be continued, who thus has lessened power Left-wing: Liberal.

The labeling system originated from the seating pattern of the French National Assembly, which put liberals on the left, moderates in the middle, and conservatives on the right. Lobby: A group seeking to influence an elected official, or the act of doing so. The term originated in the seventeenth century, when people waiting to speak with legislators at the English House of Commons waited in a large atrium outside the legislators' hall, called the lobby.

Machine Politics: Politics controlled by a tightly-run organization that stresses discipline and rewards its supporters.

Machines are usually found in large cities and are frequently accused of corruption. McCarthyism: The practice of smearing people with baseless accusations. Refers to the tactics of Senator Joseph McCarthy, who in the s destroyed the careers of many prominent Americans by branding them Communists.

Muckraker: A journalist who seeks out the scandalous activities of public officials. Nomination: When a political party chooses its official candidate for a particular office Nominee: The candidate chosen by a political party to run for a particular office Photo-Op: Short for "photo opportunity," an event staged specifically for news cameras to help a politician appear in magazines and newspapers, on television, or online Platform: The positions that a party adopts, and stands on, at the beginning of an election campaign Political Party: An organization that seeks to achieve political power by electing its members to public office Political Suicide: A vote or action that is likely to be so unpopular with voters as to cause a politician's probable loss in the next election Poll: A survey used to gauge public opinion concerning issues or to forecast an election Pork Barrel: Wasteful and unnecessary projects that politicians secure for their local districts, usually to gain favor with local voters.

The term dates from the days when salted pork was occasionally handed out to slaves from large barrels. An observer once wrote that the mad rush of politicians to get their district's share of treasury funds looked like slaves rushing to the pork barrel.

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Primary: A state election in which party members vote for a candidate from within their party. The vote determines how many of that state's delegates each candidate gets. Pundit: A political analyst, commentator, or columnist who usually works for a newspaper or magazine, or in broadcasting. Derived from a Hindi phrase meaning "learned one. NOT such a happy gathering of people, rather a group of people under one name with a common way of thinking how the country should be run.

This is a Political Party. Anyone can form a Party and campaign for votes, whether they end up in Parliament depends on the people!

Hyperpolitics: An Interactive Dictionary of Political Science Concepts

More for you: Looking for most commonly used business English idioms and phrases? Here you are: 15 business English expressions with meanings and examples just for you! General Vocabulary To run something: To be in charge of something, leader, owner. Dog litter: Mess left by a dog.

Plausible: Likely to happen or be true. Abused: Taken advantage of, hurt. To abuse a position means you take more than is yours to take.

Political Vocabulary Party: Group with similar feelings or ambitions on how the country should be run. The Public Purse: Money collected by government in the form of taxes. One person represents a Constituency in Parliament.

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Candidates: People who put themselves forward to be voted for in an Election. Campaign: The organised process of trying to persuade people to vote for you.

Votes: A secret process of one person choosing someone to represent them in Parliament. Polling station: The local hall or office where people go to vote. Term of office: The period of time a Government is in power. Prime Minister: The leader of the ruling Party. Shadow Minister: A minister in opposition to the elected party.

Minister: A person in government ruling Party who is in charge of a Department. Cabinet: The core leadership of the ruling party. All decisions by the Prime Minister have to be agreed by Cabinet.

There are plenty more but most attention is given to the top 3.

List of Most Common Political Terms With Their Meanings [Infographic]

We need a few more definitions before we move on. Meetings play a very big part in the business world.

During meetings, important decisions are made, people are promoted, demoted, hired or even fired! The future of companies is predicted, business tactics are analysed, competitors are targeted and strategies are planned.

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