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Date published - download ANATOMIC THERAPY TELUGU book online at best prices in india on Read ANATOMIC THERAPY TELUGU book reviews & author. Find helpful customer reviews and review ratings for ANATOMIC THERAPY TELUGU at There are hundreds of suggestions for one's wellbeing in the book. Anatomic Therapy telugu to hindi hindi to telugu No part of this book may be reproduced, stored in a retrieval system, or transmitted in any form Essentials of.

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Anatomic Therapy Telugu Book

Anatomic therapy Foundation is a nonreligious and non-profit organization that works towards serving the society and spreading the good. READ MORE. Anatomic Therapy Telugu Book By Healer Baskar. We each and everybody is gifted to have the health of the body naturally. When we are lack of physical. Anatomic Therapy - Telugu. you make the download through our Andriod App. Offer is applicable for all the books. download the Same Book in Other Languages.

Once a person understands how body works, how each organ relates or depends each other, he or she will help the body to cure itself by eating right food at a right time More Anatomic Therapy is an ancient wisdom of creating conscious awareness on human anatomy. Once a person understands how body works, how each organ relates or depends each other, he or she will help the body to cure itself by eating right food at a right time in right-way. The book also describes the how the disease grows, causes for disease and cure for disease in very simple English terms with illustrations. The person who read the book completely or watched Videos on this therapy, had miracle healing. Once you consciously understand a "matter", it is no more miracle, it is just a technique you can apply in your life. We are glad to receive your feedback. For book related matters, please feel free to write at feedback itabtechnologies. You may do so in any reasonable manner, but not in any way that suggests the licensor endorses you or your use. NonCommercial " You may not use the material for commercial pur! However, since we cannot possibly know an individual's health history and present condition, we can not predict or take responsibility for the wide range of possible individual responses. While the treatments and programs in this book are generally safe, you try them at your own risk. Also, the contents of this book are not intended as a substi!

I have rec! There is no miracle at all, once you under! This book pub! Robert C. Peale When we get a disease, we consult a doctor. All the doctors in the world cure us through various ways such as medicine, tablet, injection, etc. But, in our treatment, there is no medication at all. There is no need for any blood test. There is no necessity to check the pulse. We need not take any scan. There is no diet control either.

Yet, we can cure the diseases! You may wonder how it is possible. In this treatment, we can cure any disease even without enquiring about the name of the disease and its nature.

Generally, when we go to a doctor, we describe in detail the na! The doc! Finally, a name is given to the disease. Then the doctor prescribes the medication. In most of the cases, the doctor tells us that the disease cannot be cured but can only be controlled throughout our life. But, in Anatomic Therapy, we can cure the diseases without the patient telling us anything about his or her disease and also with!

The patient has to just listen. That is all the treatment. This is why this treat! All the people in the world have this gland. A liquid is secreted by this gland. This liquid cures 95 of all the diseases in the world.

Anatomic Therapy www. Where is it located in our body? What is the name of the liquid secreted by this gland? How does this liquid cure all the diseases? I can tell you all this and more. How to make this gland secrete that liquid? I know this trick. It takes about six hours to teach this secret trick to a patient. When the patient understands this technique, learns it and starts following it, he cures his diseases by himself. Now, you are going to learn the same trick by reading this book.

Can it be cured just by reading this book? From that moment, there is no Diabetes for you. Similarly, those who have blood pressure can add salt in their food from the moment they complete reading this book!

You will be alright throughout your life. Immediately after reading this book, those having gas trouble can eat potato thrice daily and they will not have any gas trouble at all. Those of you having fat! It will not harm you at all. On the contrary, it will cure the diseases. Those of you who have skin diseases can start eating Brinjal, Chilli, etc. Nothing will happen to you throughout your life. Thus, there is no diet control in this treatment. We can cure our diseases by eating the very same items that are prohibited for these diseases.

Moreover, depending on the nature and intensity of our diseases, we can stop all the medications step by step within 3 to 6 months.

But, if you read this book pa! This may sound highly astonishing. If anyone expresses any comment without reading the book completely, we are not willing to listen to such comments. There is no need for doctors and medical researchers who say that diseases cannot be cured. Doctors and researchers are there only for curing the diseases. Do you imagine that the doctor who cures your disease should be more than 60 years old or he should have white beard?

Are you determined that you will get your dis! Do you think that you will cure your diseases only by consuming medicines and tablets? What do we want? We just want to get our diseases cured. That is all! If you want to learn a trick or two by which you can cure any disease without any medicine, tablet, blood test, scan or any 7Anatomic Therapy www. Therefore, patients who completely read this book can easily cure themselves, whatever may be their disease.

So, I earnestly plead with the medical professionals to read this book completely with an open mind and then think, sitting alone. Then you will realize the truth.

The second is of those diseases that are caused from outside our body. If a knife pierces the eye of a person and damages it, then our treatment will not be useful to that person. That person should immediately go to an eye specialist and save his eye. Similarly, a person who has been shot with a revolver cannot be cured by this treatment.

Accidents, snake bites, bites by poison! Let us learn how to classify the diseases into these two types. No, these diseases started from within our body. Did you get kidney stone by eating a stone?

No, it developed within our body. Did you get abscess in uterus by eating any abscess? If your disease came from within your body without any element attacking your body from outside, then it can be easily cured through our treatment. So, let us know that the diseases which are caused from outside and emergency conditions due to accidents cannot be cured by this treatment. With this understanding, please read the book fur!

Diseases which come from outside the body are just 5. Therefore, 95 of the diseases in the world can be surely cured by our treatment. There are several thousands of diseases in the world today. It is not possible to list out all those diseases here. Our treatment can cure any disease that comes from within our body.

Any disease that comes from outside our body can be cured only with the help of the doctor. Through the phone numbers given in this book or through our website, you can know in which country, in which town and on which dates you can meet Healer Baskar in person. Those who cannot come in person can just read this book from the beginning to the end. Then there is no need to come in per!

This book itself will teach you the secret of curing your dis! Those who are illiterate and those who are blind can access all the matter in this book by getting the audio and video DVDs. You can log on to our website www. You can log on to Internet website www.

If you desire to make this treatment available to the people in your town, you can make the arrangements and we can come there and give this treatment to all the people in person, pro! A minimum of one day to a maximum of three days will be required for this pro! It will be nice if the organizers can provide free lunch and conduct this programme free for all, by getting a sponsor.

Even if no sponsor is available, it will be better if this pro! If you desire to give this treatment to a large number of people in your town, you can show the DVD of this treatment through TV or a projector at a public place. You can also publish the matter in this book in other books or newspapers in total or in parts after obtaining prior permission from us.

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Please read this book patiently, page by page, from the beginning to the end. Some people go directly to the page where their dis! If they do so, their understanding will be incomplete. You will understand Anatomic Therapy only if you read this book fully page by page. Please do not give your comments after reading just few pages here and there. By getting this DVD and listening to it, you can get the answers to all your questions. You can get it and read it to get your doubts cleared.

You can call the help lines and get all your doubts cleared or you can also send you questions to help anatomictherapy. Healer Baskar undertakes tours to many countries around the world and conducts one!

Anatomic Therapy - The Art of Self-Healing

You can know the tour schedule of Healer Baskar from the website www. Deepak Chopra What is sneezing? When does it occur? Sneeze does not come to anyone at anytime. Please think carefully. When we walk on the road, if someone is sweeping the road, the dust particles make us sneeze. If we eat something very hot or containing too much spice, we sneeze.

When some items containing chilli powder, etc. Why does sneezing happen? When dust particles, hot and spicy items, germs, etc. I am in danger.

Please send them out. Histamine gland examines the lung and does research. Therefore, sneezing is nothing but a wonderful way by which our body gets rid of the unwanted particles with a lot of force by us! Sneezing is not in our control. It comes all of a sudden and we are not even aware of its impending arrival. So, we can see that sneezing is not a disease. It is the treatment given by our body. But, when we get sneezing, we tend to sup! When we are in our o'ce or in a meeting, we try to avoid sneezing.

If we avoid sneezing, this avoidance is the actual disease. Some people use oils or balms to stop sneezing when it occurs.

What happens when we use a balm to stop sneezing? The smell from the balm goes inside our body and orders the sneezing gland to stop working. Thus, it prevents our body from protect! Therefore, it is a great treachery that we do to our body if we stop the sneezing gland from work!

As long as the smell of the balm is present in our body, we will not get sneezing. We are wrong. We have actually stopped an ac! The sneezing gland will not work till the smell of the balm remains. Therefore, we should not take any treatment to stop sneezing when it occurs. We should understand that the air in that place is polluted and we should come out of that place immediately or we should use a fan or we should cover our face with a piece of cloth.

Thus, we should only try to clean the air we breathe and not attempt to stop the sneezing. Therefore, sneezing is not a disease at all. The only treatment for sneezing is that we should sneeze well when we get sneezing. The only medicine for sneezing is to sneeze. If we do anything else, it will harm our body. Runny Nose If we do something to stop sneezing when it comes, we will not get sneezing for several hours. But, during these hours, many par! After the smell of the ointment is exhausted, the sneezing gland will come back and see.

Now there are four thousand particles. I am incapable of doing anything now. Now, the doctor in our body will call another gland called Runny Nose, which is more powerful than the sneezing gland, to give the treatment.

Sneezing is like sweeping our house with a broom. Runny nose is like cleaning our house using water. Now, our nose will send out the particles in our lung by using water to clear them out. But, what do we do when we get a runny nose? We in! Thus we attempt to retain the unwanted particles inside our body. Therefore, runny nose is not at all a disease. It is a treatment by which our body cures a disease. Whenever we inhale the water coming out of our nose back into the nose, it is a treachery that we do to our body.

Therefore, whenever we have a runny nose, we have to blow out and get the water out of our nose. If we do this, our body will be healthy and we will not get any other dis! Common Cold When our nose is running, if we use some balm or tablet or any other trick to stop it, what does it mean? It means that we are trying to keep the rubbish inside our body. If we continue treat! When this happens, the doctor in our body will call the gland called Cold gland and order it to cure the disease.

It will then send them out through our nose in the form of phlegm or mucus. But, when we get phlegm or mucus from our nose, we again inhale it and try to push it back inside the nose.

Therefore, Common Cold is not at all a disease. It is a treatment given by our body. The only treatment for cold is to blow out the phlegm or mucus from our nose.

Instead of this, if you follow a treatment to keep the phlegm inside our body, that is the actual disease. But, if we or our children get cold, we immediately run to a hospi! Just like feces and urine, phlegm is a wastage that has to go out of our body. Therefore, when you get phlegm or mucus, please blow your nose well and take it out.

Anatomic Therapy New English PDF Book() | Cough | Vomiting

There is no other treatment for cold in the world. Chest Cold! Cough: When chest cold increases, cough is produced in order to push it out.

Asthma: When chest cold increases and is prolonged, it is called asthma. This is called wheezing. Pulmonary Tuberculosis! TB Those who take medicines and tablets continuously for Asthma, Wheezing, etc. What causes Cancer? If TB is not treated properly and medicines are consumed for sev! From all these, we understand that treatment for sneezing leads to running nose, treatment for running nose leads to cold, treat! But, once a person gets Cancer, doctors say that the reason for Cancer is not known and that it cannot be cured.

That so! Therefore, all that we have discussed above are not diseases at all. Our body will always try to keep itself in a healthy condition and it will never try to create a disease. Therefore, from now on, when we get sneezing, running nose or cold, if we send the wast! So, from today onwards, do not feel shy to blow out any wastage that comes through the nose.

We should never do anything to keep the wastage inside our body. Then, all the wastage that have been stored inside our body will come out and our body will be healthy.

We can use any of the following methods for sending out the wastage from our lungs: 1. We can consume one Karpuravalli leaf daily.

We can consume Ginger tea. We can consume raw Thuthuvalai leaf or Rasam prepared with Thuthuvalai. We can consume cabbage. If we follow any or all of the eight ways mentioned above, phlegm will come out of our body. Thus we can clean our lungs. We do not vomit every day.

Please think carefully why we vomit. Vomiting comes only when we eat some bad food or when we eat too much food. Vomiting comes also if we eat when we are not hungry or when we are not feeling well. So, what causes vomiting? If a bad food is heated up in a hotel and given to us, we may eat it, unaware of its quality. But, our body has got a sense. It will digest the food only if it is good.

Our stomach will not digest bad food. Our stomach will check to see if the food that we ate is good or bad. If it is good food, then only the stomach will make the digestive glands to secrete and digest the food and send it to the small intestine. If the food is not good, then the stomach will stop the digestive glands from secreting and it will order the glands meant for vomiting to se! We might have eaten the food without chewing it fully with our teeth and making it as a paste.

In order to vomit such a food, our body will cut the food and make it into smaller pieces. It will also increase the water in our stomach. We might have drunk one glass of water after dinner. Where did the remaining four glasses of water come from?

Our body will gather water from all the remaining parts and give it to the stomach. The bad food that we ate sense! Write a review. Add to Cart. Add to Wish List. This page works best with JavaScript.

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