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Nightwing is a superhero identity assumed by numerous fictional characters in the DC Comics universe. Prior to DC's continuity-altering Nightwing #1 () FREE Comics Download on CBR CBZ Format. Download FREE DC, Marvel, Image, Dark Horse, Dynamite, IDW, Oni. Nightwing Vol. 1 - 3 + Extras (Ultimate Collection) () FREE Comics Download on CBR CBZ Format. Download FREE DC, Marvel.

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Nightwing. 73 Articles. Nightwing #58 (). DC Comics Or is she? While she wasn't shot in the head like Nightwing, Duela Dent might be facing. Read Nightwing () comic online free and high quality. Fast loading speed, unique reading type: All pages - just need to scroll to read next page. NIGHTWING IS DICK GRAYSON, the very first ROBIN now grown to manhood. . FIRST APPEARANCE ALL-STAR COMICS # 2 (Fall ). STATUS Villain.

He first met Nightwing when he was ordered by Delmore Redhorn, the Police Chief, to execute the young vigilante. Soames responded with surprising cunning, and ultimately tried to take Blockbuster's invalid mother hostage as part of a last bid for power. Nightwing attempted to intervene, but was forced to save innocent bystanders as Blockbuster twisted the dirty cop's head degrees, leaving Soames for dead. Although his neck was permanently twisted, thanks to a breakthrough medical technique, sophisticated micro-surgery was able to reattach his nerve endings so that he could move again. With control of his body restored but informed that it would be impossible to turn his head back the right way around, Soames spent some time retraining himself to move normally, "seeing through the back of his head" with the use of glasses with a built-in array of mirrors. Blockbuster is not pleased that there is a crime turf war without him. This would prove his undoing, since once freed he wasted no time in returning to his old plans, even attempting to enlist Nite-Wing into his reign of terror. The vigilante, however, had a zero-tolerance policy for crime, and, upon realizing Soames' true nature, the two entered into a Mexican standoff that only Nite-Wing survived. After Amanda Waller orders a drone strike on Star City , John Diggle and Lyla Michaels release all of the Suicide Squad , including Torque, who then force Waller to stop the drone strike, which she eventually complies to. Though his real name is never stated, it is most likely the same one as his comic book counterpart.

An enraged Batman begins to brutalize Luthor, while Luthor tries to tell him that there may still be time to save Dick. Dick, along with all other members of the Batfamily, are a few years younger. Despite being in his early twenties as opposed to his mid-late twenties, he is drawn a bit shorter than in his pre-relaunch frame. Starting with issue 19 there is a change in the suit.

Nightwing #1 (2016)

English Year: Download Now Mirror Download Screenshots: Download Now. Mirror Download. Author The Comic Guy. None Synopsis for "Slow Burn" Nightwing faces a great personal crisis. Blockbuster has discovered his identity as Dick Grayson, and he has been compromised. He appears, and she offers Grayson his old position as a cop back, with his badge and his gun, but he declines and swings off into the night. He confronts reporter Maxine Michaels in her apartment, demanding to know how she could put so many lives in danger through her carelessness.

She insists that she did not mean to help Desmond discover his secrets, it was an accident, and bound to happen anyway the way he lives his life. In mid-sentence, she is brutally shot through the head. Blockbuster bursts in through the window.

He casually remarks that he is tying up loose ends. Now that the two of them are in the same room together, he takes the opportunity to lecture Dick on what their future together will be like.

Nightwing #1 (2016)

Nightwing, furious, asks Desmond why he shouldn't just kill him right there. Nightwing 's choice The crimelord smiles, and tells him there is absolutely no reason not to.

But he knows Grayson intimately, and is going to give him a fate worse than death. Nightwing is driven by his concern for others, way past his own instincts of self-preservation. Dick found out Cheyenne was a fashion designer from a friend of his from Bludhaven. She ran into Dick again after he accidentally became a model for her.

After seeing newspaper clippings of Nightwing Jason Todd she started creating superhero themed designs. Cheyenne wore a Nightwing costume to help Dick and Jason from a metahuman monster named Jakob. He ate her, but she used her powers to blow him up from the inside.

Due to recent events she was left broke and soon left New York City. In that storyline, Superman was coming to terms with the death of his adoptive father; he was also dealing with , Kryptonians now living on Earth, which he had released from the bottled cities on Brainiac 's ship the same ship that contained the lost Kryptonian city of Kandor.

At the end of the fourth issue of the arc, a new Nightwing and Flamebird appear in Superman's Fortress of Solitude to stop two of Zod's followers who were living in Kandor from releasing the Kryptonian General from his Phantom Zone imprisonment.

While guarding the projector in order to prevent any Zod loyalists from freeing him from the Phantom Zone, both Flamebird and Nightwing exhibit powers that are not inherent to normal Kryptonians. Flamebird projects flames from her hands, and Nightwing uses "natural tactile telekinesis ". The pair seems to be stronger than normal Kryptonians: they knock out the two Zod loyalists with one blow apiece. In a later appearance, the duo is seen in Gotham City.

Unlike previous portrayals, it seems Flamebird believes herself to be the dominant partner. The "Nightwing" identity is revealed to be based on a mythical Kryptonian creature, whose existence is intertwined with that of its partner beast, the Flamebird. Inside the Phantom Zone Chris' mind interfaced with a piece of Brainiac technology, awakening a long-dormant connection to the Nightwing, and linking his mind to that of Thara Ak-Var , who had a connection to the Flamebird.

Story arcs[ edit ] Nightwing as he appears in volume 2 of his on-going series. Cover of Nightwing vol. Art by Jamal Igle. Based on Nightwing's increasing popularity, DC Comics decided to test the character's possibilities with a one-shot book and then a miniseries. Before returning to Gotham City together, they prevent a plot by British terrorists to destroy the undersea " Channel Tunnel " in the English Channel. Later on, with the Nightwing miniseries September to December , written by Dennis O'Neil with Greg Land as artist , Dick briefly considers retiring from being Nightwing forever before family papers uncovered by Alfred reveal a possible link between the murder of the Flying Graysons and the Crown Prince of Kravia.

Journeying to Kravia, Nightwing in his third costume helps to topple the murderous Kravian leader and prevent an ethnic cleansing, while learning his parents' true connection to the Prince.

At Batman's request, Dick journeys to this former whaling town-turned-industrial center to investigate a number of murders linked to Gotham City gangster Black Mask. Instead, he finds a city racked by police corruption and in the grips of organized crime consolidated by Roland Desmond, the gargantuan genius Blockbuster. This allows him to be close enough to Gotham to still be part of the Batman family , and far enough as well to have his own city, adventures and enemies.

He takes a job as a bartender to keep his ear to the ground and worked closely with Oracle Barbara Gordon in an effort to clean up the town. Last Laugh and killing the Joker[ edit ] When the Joker is told he is dying by his doctor, he unleashes Joker juice on the inmates at the Slab, causing a breakout.

At the end of the arc, Nightwing is responsible for killing the Joker against the wishes of Batman and Oracle. Nightwing becomes depressed and Oracle tries to bring him out of it. Nightwing is chosen to be leader until the original JLA are found, leading the group against the powerful Atlantean sorceress Gamemnae and helping to revive Aquaman to ask for his help in sinking Atlantis, but subsequently returns to the reserve list.

Graduation Day[ edit ] For several years, Nightwing leads various incarnations of the Titans and becomes the most respected former sidekick in the DC Universe.

At Troia's funeral, Dick declares he is tired of seeing friends die and disbands the team, officially ending the Titans. A few months later, Arsenal persuades Nightwing to join a new pro-active crime-fighting team: the Outsiders , who would hunt villains, acting as co-workers rather than an extended family.

He reluctantly accepts.

Despite reaching his original goals, Dick continues as a police officer during the day while spending nights as Nightwing, pushing himself to his limits and straining his relationships. The line between his police work and his vigilantism began to blur, and ultimately Amy Rohrbach his friend and superior officer, who knew his secret identity fires him rather than let him continue using questionable methods.

Wrongfully blaming Nightwing for the death of his mother, the mob boss Blockbuster bombs Dick Grayson's apartment complex and promises to kill anyone in Dick's life. When the vigilante Tarantula arrives, Nightwing chooses not to stop her when she shoots the villain dead. At length, Nightwing shakes himself from his depression and takes responsibility for his inaction.

He captures Tarantula and turns her and himself in to the police. Amy, however, feels the world needs Nightwing free and so prevents him from being charged. Though, Dick has destroyed the police corruption and removed the greater part of organized crime from this city, but his role in Blockbuster's death is still a source of tremendous guilt for him.

He retires from crime fighting, with Tim Drake and Cassandra Cain as his replacements. Grayson moves to New York, where he works closely with the Outsiders. After "insiders" threaten both the Outsiders and the newest incarnation of Teen Titans, however, Nightwing realizes that the team has gotten "too personal" and quits. He also begins training and subtly converting Deathstroke's daughter, Ravager. The Society drops the super villain Chemo on the city, killing , people.

Dick tries to rescue survivors but is overcome by radiation poisoning; only to be rescued himself by Batman. Nightwing confides that he let Blockbuster die and asks Batman to forgive him. Batman tells him that his forgiveness doesn't matter; Dick has to move beyond Blockbuster's death. Inspired by his mentor, he proposes to Barbara Gordon, who accepts his proposal with a kiss.

Batman then entrusts Nightwing to alert other heroes about the danger that the Crisis poses.

Nightwing Workout Routine: Train like Dick Grayson’s Nightwing Boy Wonder

Together, they locate and attack Alexander Luthor 's tower, the center of the Crisis, only to be repelled by Superboy-Prime. Prime is ready to kill Nightwing when Conner intervenes, sacrificing himself to destroy the tower, ending the destruction of the Universe. During the Battle of Metropolis , Nightwing suffers a near-fatal injury from Alexander Luthor when he attempts to save Batman's life. After long discussions, the death edict was finally reversed, but the decision was made that, if they were going to be keeping him, he would have to be changed.

The next arc of the ongoing series will further explain the changes, it was said. As soon as he's able to walk again, Batman asks him to join him and Robin in retracing Bruce's original journey in becoming the Dark Knight. While Nightwing is hesitant, due to his engagement with Barbara, she encourages him to go and returns his engagement ring so he can make an honest decision for himself. Barbara feels that it is important he rediscover himself, and until he does they're not yet ready to be married.

They part on good terms, though before he departs Dick leaves her an envelope containing a photograph of them as Robin and Batgirl, along with the engagement ring on a chain and a note promising he'll come back to her one day. He works with the new Batwoman and Renee Montoya to stop Intergang from destroying Gotham, shutting off dozens of fire-spewing devices spread across the city. The murderous impostor turns out to be the former Robin , Jason Todd. Grayson leads the Outsiders once again, operating undercover and globally.

Nightwing follows an armored thief named Raptor, whom he suspects is responsible for series of murders.