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At First Sight Nicholas Sparks This novel is dedicated to Miles, Ryan, Landon, Lexie, and Best Practice Book for IELTS Writing IELTS Writing Samples. I states truthfully that this project is compiled by me without taking the results from other research in any university, in S-1, S-2, and S-3 degree and in diploma. Heaven Has No Favorites by Erich Maria Remarque An incredibly powerful novel by the great writer, whose prose is never out of date. It's a beautiful and.

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Nicholas Sparks Books Pdf The Best Of Me

The Best of Me PDF Summary by Nicholas Sparks is an exciting novel that romantic novel written by the prominent author Nicholas Sparks. . We warmly recommended this book, and vouch for the uniqueness of this novel. Download this great creation by Nicholas Sparks, The Best Of Me is available here in PDF form. Get swept up in a timeless story of lost dreams and redemption, in which former high school sweethearts get a second chance at first love—from the #1 New.

What is the best of you? Do you dare to take the road of uncertainty and put doubt on your methods for achieving happiness? And Why? Is this one of those teen novels that make you feel girly if you are a guy? Well, no! Finding your soulmate is perhaps the most beautiful encounter one can face in a lifetime. So far, he has published 19 novels and 2 non-fiction books that are exceptional as well. He is the author of Two by Two.

After a romantic weekend, Adrienne and Paul realize they must leave one another and return to their own lives.

The novel was made into a movie starring Richard Gere and Diane Lane. After being single for a few years, Julie meets two men, Richard Franklin and Mark Harris, and develops strong feelings for both. As the plot unfolds, Julie must confront deceptions and jealous emotions, relying on Singer for strength. Jane and Wilson's daughter asks if she can have her wedding on their anniversary, and Wilson works hard to please his daughter and make up for years of neglect to his wife.

In their late 30s, the two men take a three-week trip around the world. Along the way, they examine their own relationship as brothers and come to terms with the deaths of their parents and other siblings. Marsh travels to a small North Carolina town to investigate a ghost story, where he meets Lexie Darnell. As the two grow close, Marsh must decide whether to stay with the woman he loves or return to his life of luxury in New York City.

But their domestic bliss is interrupted when he receives a number of unsettling e-mails from a mysterious sender that threaten their happy future together. He is inspired to re-enlist, and he receives the dreaded title letter during his deployment.

He returns home to find his true love married. But after Gabby Holland moves in next door, Travis becomes smitten with her—even though she already has a longtime boyfriend. As a relationship develops, the pair must confront what true love really means. Believing that the photo is a good-luck charm, Logan sets off to find the woman in the picture.

His search leads him to Elizabeth, a single mom living in North Carolina. They fall in love, but a secret in Logan's past may destroy them. Two years after the divorce, Veronica's mother decides that she wants her to spend the whole summer with her father in Wilmington.

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As they proceed to honor their mentor's last wishes, Amanda and Dawson rekindle their romance. After surviving a car crash, Ira is visited by a vision of his dead wife Ruth.

Sophia, meanwhile, meets and falls for a cowboy named Luke. As the plot advances, Ira's and Sophia's lives intertwine in unseen ways. Colin soon encounters Maria, a woman whose loving home environment could not be more different than Colin's.

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As the two slowly fall in love, Maria begins receiving anonymous messages that could wreck her romance. But Green's life is soon upended when his wife decides to leave him and their child behind in pursuit of a new career.

Green must quickly adapt to life as a single father while learning to rely on others to help him get by. As with all Sparks novels, there's a romance, too, as Russell reconnects with a former girlfriend and sparks fly. Continue Reading. Not long afterward, he is informed about the death of Tuck Hostetler, his role model, and friend for life. On the spur of the moment, he decides to pack his bags and return home, to pay tribute to his buddy.

This unfortunate turn of events leaves Dawson isolated and earns him the title of a loner. In those days, he for the first time met face to face with Amanda Collier — a girl from a wealthy family. They become lab partners and fall in love. Amanda refuses to pay heed to the warnings and suggestions said by her parents to leave Dawson.

She soon faces a choice, to go to College, or stay with him. Dawson plays a part in convincing her that education is vital, and they make a decision to put an end to their relationship. Not long afterward, Dawson finds himself in the middle of another problem. In a car accident, he kills a local doctor and is sentenced to 4 years in prison.

Upon his release, he leaves town for good and decides to try his luck elsewhere. They go to dinner that night and start to reminiscing. On top of that, she is a married woman!

The Best of Me PDF Summary

The next day, Amanda and Dawson are summoned to scatter the ashes of Tuck at a nearby cabin that he chose prior to his departure. This activity binds them together, and they spend the day planning their next move. Dawson learns that his cousin was behind the explosion that almost killed him.

They cross swords, and Ted gets the worst of it. The writings reveal details about the love story between Tuck and his wife, which inspires them to pick up where they left off. The Best of Me Epilogue Amanda makes a surprising decision to return back to her family. She feels weak to go through raging scenario that fills her with dread. With little options but to flee, Dawson embarks on a long journey. He returns to pick up the letter Tuck had written before.

Upon entering the town, he lays eyes on the man that saved him. Dawson tries to catch up with that man and enters a bar where he discovers that the son of the doctor he accidentally killed years ago, is tormented by his cousins. He saves the person but shortly afterward, Crazy Ted puts a bullet through his head.

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