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In , BPS consummation KBLI through discussion with the working units and related agencies, as well as intensify the Perka BPS Nomor 19 Tahun Tentang Perubahan atas Perka BPS No 95 Korespondensi KBKI dengan KKI / - KBLI - HS , Buku 1. (Klasifikasi Baku Lapangan Usaha Indonesia, KBLI). On 11 October , while SABH uses the previous. KBLI, which results in Manual Filling. Urgent.

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PwC Indonesia Legal Alert. Mandatory adjustment of description of business activities to conform to KBLI of On 11 October , the Coordinating Ministry. Business Field Classification (Klasifikasi Baku Lapangan Usaha Indonesia – “ KBLI”) and the Negative List. The most recent KBLI was issued by. kbli - Download as PDF File .pdf) or read online. kbli

Lapangan Usaha Indonesia KBLI Uploaded by Nanang Wicaksono. Kode kegiatan usaha yang Each PDF file encapsulates a complete description of a fixed-layout flat document, including the text, fonts, graphics, and other information needed to display it. Thanks to our advanced conversion technology the quality of the output PDF will be exactly the same as if the PDF was exported through the latest Excel of the Microsoft Office suite.

General overview of company setup phases and the respective documents licenses, permits, registrations needed. We use abbreviations, as most Indonesian stakeholders only know these Indonesian abbreviations. This list can be useful when you are in the process of setting up your company and you want to check or understand what is going on and where you are in the process. Realize how many documents are actually needed; 11 for the establishment of the company and 24 if expats are hired.

All applications go with attachments and this is only for a normal company:. Where, in all this, does the New Negative list no. This negative list is a regulation that determines which business fields are open for investment and under which restrictions.

Nothing more and nothing less. The forbidden closed fields are areas where a common expat cannot be involved in, such as casinos and gambling, historical and archaeological remains, telecommunications stuff, and the manufacture of chemicals and liquor alcohol. Though alcohol we are still allowed to drink! The following business fields are allowed with restrictions in the sense that you have a local partner owning some shares. The decisive factor is the KBLI number of the business field.

If the specific business field look for KBLI number in which you want to be active is not listed, the business activity is free.

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Your agent can only help you satisfactorily if you have done your homework and determined which business field is applicable. Some activities such as direct selling are ousted, so companies can legally operate as percent foreign owned companies.

Machinery And Heavy Equipment. Textile, Garment. Property, Real Estate and Building Construction. Building Construction. Property And Real Estate. Trade Services Investment. Computer And Services. Investment Company. Retail Trade.

Tourism, Restaurant And Hotel. Follow This Company. Please check our pricing page to see all of our features.

Subsidiary Affiliation.

Company Name. Niaga Securities Listing Board Main. No IPO bonds found. No IPO rights issue found. President Commissioner. Syahrul Effendi. Vice President Commissioner.

Todo Sihombing. Husni Ali. Independent Commissioner. LKPP are responsible for both regulation and the running system.

Until , the system running quite well and have been used more than government agencies throughout Indonesia. On this system, there has been no classification of types of goods and services as well as classification of the type of business fields in Indonesia.

This causes every field of business can follow all kinds of goods and services held by the government and did not result in a business field focuses on a field. A vendor that does not focus on the type of business that was involved field makes the vendor has a field that is too broad to be less professional or expert in one field there. This system was first developed by the city government of Surabaya and later adopted by the Indonesian government since until now.

This system has been used on more than government agencies throughout Indonesia under the supervision LKPP as an institution responsible for the procurement of government goods and services. Figure 1. Current E-Procurement System[1] So far the system has evolved to version 3. Until this version, new auctions generally be classified into 4 ISSN: Page 93 2 types of auctions are: procurement, construction, consultancy and other services.

So that the grouping has not been explicitly on a certain type of goods or services. As for the business classification in Indonesia based on KBLI have not been integrated in this system, only limited classification and have not implemented on the rule system.

With the running system now, the grouping of the goods and services are global and not specific. Causing multi perception of the goods or services that will be in the auction.

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It requires more time to give an explanation to prospective vendors that will follow the auction, so the auction will take more time to complete. Besides that, frequent inaccuracy of the specification of goods or services that have been in getting the results of the auction. In addition, due to the unimplemented classification by existing businesses in Indonesia on this system, causing a vendor can participate in various types of auctions that exist.

Which have resulted in the work imperfect because done by who are not experts and not his field. For example, there are companies registered as a seller of electronic goods but also can follow the procurement of goods by type of building materials. There are companies engaged in construction but can participate in the auction for the manufacture of consultancy services of computer software. Things like this should be eliminated in order to encourage the emergence of more professional vendor in the work.

We offer a solution in which there will be implemented the classification of goods and services based on UNSPSC United Nations Standard Products and Services Code and collaborate with Indonesian Standard Industrial Classification edition for later procurement of goods and services in Indonesia better.

UNSPSC is an efficient, accurate and flexible classification system for achieving company-wide visibility of spend analysis, as well as, enabling procurement to deliver on cost-effectiveness demands and allowing full exploitation of electronic commerce capabilities.

Encompassing a five level hierarchical classification codeset, UNSPSC enables expenditure analysis at grouping levels relevant to your needs. You can drill down or up to the codeset to see more or less detail as is necessary for business analysis[2].

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Cost-effective procurement optimization. Full exploitation of electronic commerce capabilities. XX Segment The logical aggregation of families for analytical purposes Function XX Family A commonly recognized group of interrelated commodity categories XX Class A group of commodities sharing common characteristics XX Commodity A group of substitutable products or services XX Business The function performed by an organization in support of the commodity.

All UNSPSC entities are further identified with an 8-digit structured numeric code which both indicates its location in the taxonomy and uniquely classifies it. An additional 2-digit suffix indicates the business function identifier.

A structural view of the code set would look as follows: Table 1. ISIC arranged to provide a set framework of a comprehensive classification of economic activities in Indonesia to be used for the uniform collection, processing, presentation and analysis of statistical data according to economic activity, as well as to study the economic situation and performance according to economic activities.

With the uniformity, statistical data of economic activity can be compared to a standard format at the national, regional, and international levels[3]. The business unit is not differentiated according to the status of ownership, type of legal entity, or mode of operation. Production units which perform the same economic activity are classified in the same group of KBLI , regardless of whether the production units are part of a legal entity or not, private or government, or individual, even if derived from enterprise consisting of more than the establishment or not.