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S Dungeons of Dread (1e) - Dungeons of Dread is a collection of four classic, Watermarked PDF + Softcover Color Book (Standard). Endless Quest 01 - Dungeon of - Download as PDF File .pdf), Text File .txt) or read online. 1. Welcome to a journey into the world of fantasy. This adventure into the Dungeon of Dread is a DUNGEONS & DRAGONS® adventure. You will find a complete.

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By Lawrence Schick. Welcome to Dungeons of Dread™, the archival collection of ad- venture modules S1 through S4. All four of these scenarios are du-. Dungeons of Dread is a hardcover collection of four classic, stand-alone Advanced Dungeons S4: The Lost Caverns of Tsojcanth Illos ( Mbs PDF). User summary: PDF edition contains pp. book plus front and rear covers, for total of pp.

You will find a complete adventure between the covers of this book with many possible courses of action. Some choices are simple, some are sensible, some are foolhardy, and some are dangerous! You must make all the decisions. Remember, your choice determines the outcome of your Dungeon c of Dread adventure. All Rights Reserved In this book, you play the part of a human fighter. As an adult, you stand 5'9" tall and Distributed to the book trade in the United States by Random House, weigh about pounds. You are smart and Inc. Distributed to the have survived many adventures using little toy and hobby trade by regional distributors. You are well schooled in the use of weapons and are a powerful This book is protected under the copyright laws of the United States of America. Any reproduction or other unauthorized use of the mate- opponent. A long green hunter's cloak protects you from the cold. Good luck and good adventuring!

More of a challenge for that wizard than I was. If we succeed. Do you really think I could do it? I'll be honest. I need you and I want you!

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You can do it if you believe in yourself. But I would like to be Laurus the Brave. Much of what I saw seems like a nightmare to me. Would you consider joining me on a second adventure? Kalman will never expect you to return. Maybe I could do it. There is not much to lose and lots to gain. I'm scared. Pick somebody who won't let you down. Maybe I could help. Even though the halfling's tale sounded true. I'll do it!

I'm your man if you want me! I am called Caric. I have met giants who bore the hearts of mice. Let the adventure begin! People should never judge a man by his size. It appears a simple cave. Now then. Clasp my hand and let us swear our loyalty to each other and to our mission! You pick the shield up and give it to Laurus.

A small shield lies at its side. Your eyes follow the skeleton's gaze and see a message scrawled in red on the wall of the cave. The halfling takes the weapon and shield. Don't strike until you're certain of your target. Be ready. With a little polishing. If you wish to investigate the the hole in the wall. If you wish to check the pile of leaves in the corner. Your soft leather boots make no sound as you move. The stair- way ends in a smooth rock corridor.

They are kobolds. They have no hair. Two creatures. One creature holds a short sword in its hand. The flakes sparkle and shine as you pick your way down the winding steps. You see the source of the light.

Do you really think we can win? They look awful tough. Mica flakes reflect a dim. The light slowly grows brighter as you descend. A sharp bony crest runs up their backs and ends in two sharp horns upon their heads. The stairway has been carved out of solid rock. Laurus follows you and remains close to your side. You remember seeing crea- tures like these on one of your adventures in the past.

Another corridor opens to your left. But if we work together. What do you say? If you choose to slip unseen into the corridor on your left. If you wish to attack the kobolds. You are falling! You slide rapidly down a chute carved from solid rock. You are mov- ing much too fast to stop yourself. You fly out of the chute and land on your back. The fall knocks the breath out of you.

Your foot finds no solid footing. The sides are as smooth as glass. I thought maybe you were eaten by a monster. A single torch burns in a bracket on the wall. Are you all right? Any bones broken? You are attempting to catch your breath when "THUD! A large. The creature has an ugly snout and long sharp teeth. If you choose to try to step into the side tunnel without being discovered.

It's an orc!

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It will discover you at any moment. If you decide to stand and fight the orc. As the kobolds fall. Something has bitten you savagely on the hand!

It's stopped! Maybe it took an- other path. A faint clacking noise seems to be moving toward you. Something has bitten you on the ankle! You reach down and touch an antenna and a pair of pincers. Because their attention is focused elsewhere. Darkness surrounds you. Maybe we should run for it! You hear the noise the kobolds were listen- ing to. Before the vicious creatures are aware of you. Help me! They're all around us!

If you want to try and escape down the corridor on your left. I don't want to be eaten by a bug! I'm hitting them. I'm being eaten up! Get away from me! If you want to stay and fight them. They're biting me.

Creeping forward again. If you wish to avoid the beetle and take the passage to the right. As you walk forward. As you run your hand along the right side of the corridor. If you choose to fight the beetle. It's just that I have a queasy stomach. Holding your cloak by an edge.

The cloak flies through the air like a giant bat and wraps itself about the ore's head. I've never killed before. But I feel awful. Do you realize that it was its life or ours?

Endless Quest 01 - Dungeon of Dread.pdf

We'll have to fight. Laurus steps into the ore's sight. The ore is taken by surprise. You unhook your cloak quietly. I can't even eat liver! The beast rushes after him immediately. As you do. While it struggles to free itself from the cloak. You remove your cloak from the dead beast.

It lands behind him Please turn to page You hurry along the corridor. It bends to the right. The orc draws closer. You kneel down on the ground and dor. Boulders and other debris litter the corridor and slow your progress. You jump up and fling it toward the monster. Laurus grabs your arm and says. The orc spins on its heel and rushes off into the gloom to investigate the mysterious noise.

Just as you begin to feel safe. Echoes mag- nify the sound. Torches set in iron brackets light the way. Please turn to page It will see you at any ter. If you decide to enter the room and face the baboon. If you decide you don't want to face the baboon. The baboon is drinking deeply from a mug. The sheath holds a rusty sword. You are truly puzzled. A torch flickers at the entrance to a room where the two corridors join.

Approaching carefully. A depressed baboon? How very odd. You see a large baboon! It sits on an oaken wine barrel. I'd squash all of them. You kick again and the giant insect flies across the corridor. Your boots are cut in several places and you have received a number of painful bites.

This seems to work! You move forward. Your blade strikes and slides off a hard. You cannot tell how many ants are in the corridor. You are bitten again. A sword does not seem effec- tive against giant ants.

It strikes the far wall with a clatter. Grasping your sword with both hands. At last. Nasty bugs! I wish I was a giant.

He has no way of protecting himself from the insects' vicious bites. Pulling the ants off him. Laurus is screaming. You find the fallen halfling in a pile of ants. A mace and a sword hang on its belt. It's a bugbear! The bugbear carries a torch and a long stick it evidently uses to herd the ants. A dark corridor opens to your left. If I've lost them and they carry the gold back to their colony.

You hear heavy footsteps. Let's see what's coming. It looks like a seven-foot goblin. Blast those ants. If you decide to fight the bugbear.

If you decide to flee down the side hall and not fight the bugbear. Maybe I should just leave. Wouldn't you be better off without me? You could move much faster without me. Throwing him over your shoulder.

I don't like all these creatures and bugs and I'm not much help. After escaping the ants. I'm fine. They aren't following us. As long as you need me. I thought you were a companion I could count on. I've never been anybody's partner before. I'll stay. I'm not going anywhere except where we both decide to go. But I don't like bugs! I'll still be scared. I promise I'll never ask you to like a bug. If it is not your choice to accompany me. You're so big. Let's be on our way.

I won't stop you. I guess I can. We're partners now. But nobody has needed or wanted me before. Think how I felt down here almost looking eyeball to eyeball with them. I'll be disappointed. It was scary! It's like staring at a giant! You can see that. Was I wrong? Have you run from danger so often that you can't do anything else?

I won't force you to do anything. As you near the lighted room you hear drip. Dim light filters down this corridor. Many bones. You feel your way along in the darkness until at last you see a light glimmering in the dis- tance. You have never seen a giant toad before.

This toad wears the tattered remains of a beautiful purple cloak draped over its back. Your fingers encounter the opening of another corridor.

Moving carefully ahead to the opening of the room. Although you would like to know more about this dimly lit corridor. What you see is so amazing you wonder if you have lost your senses! In the torchlight.

You move slowly. It is large enough to swallow a man in a single gulp. If you decide that a giant toad wearing a cloak is still a giant toad and too dangerous to attack. If you wish to enter the room and fight the toad. Soon you see lit torches set in brackets on the walls every thirty feet.

It is injecting the ore with a paralyzing poison. As you watch the wasp move the ore. You round a corner and see a giant wasp standing over an ore. The wasp wears a blue jacket with gold buttons and a red leather vest. This corridor runs straight and smooth. You decide not to attack the fire bee- tle. He hides behind you. Once finished. If you decide your fear of insects in- cludes giant wasps.

If you decide to enter the room and attack the wasp. He opens his eyes and looks at you. He wears a bright blue cloak. We must keep our wits about us. Something terrifying happens. I am free at last. The torch lands on the wasp's jacket. You watch the wasp slowly collapse. Nothing's what it seems to be!

Insects that are men! Men that are insects! You seize one of the torches. You kneel on the ground holding nothing. The young man stirs briefly and you rush to his side. What did he mean? Laurus grabs you tightly and cries. When the cloud thins. A white cloud rises from the ugly blackened hulk and hides the dead wasp. He speaks in a gasping whisper.

After you pull the orc's body from the hole in the wall.. You move to investigate the wasp's nest.

You crawl through the hole and walk down the corridor. Turn to page Bugs are bad enough. The oil explodes into flames. Fingers fumbling in haste. You have not traveled far before the ground trembles be- neath your feet.

You quickly open the flask of oil and spread it on the ground. Laurus falls to the ground. If they run away. The bugbear sees Laurus and rushes after him. You hear a tremendous bellow. The entire corridor shudders from the terrible noise.

You both stand silent in surprise. The bugbear runs onto the oil and slips. You cer- tainly do not want to fall into his hands if you can avoid it. If you decide a distracted minotaur is still too dangerous to attack. The minotaur is tearing the bugbear to pieces and stomping on it angrily. If you decide to attack the minotaur. You see a huge. You are certain the great beast would have no trouble defeating you in normal battle. I'm disappointed in you. You brace your shield for the attack.

The minotaur rips your shield from your grasp and hits you with its mighty fist. Laurus stands transfixed.

You have no sooner stepped into the pas- sageway when the minotaur spies you. Everything goes black. You swing your sword with determination. Your sword strikes one of the huge beast's horns and breaks. Then slowly. The sounds of the minotaur are soon lost in the distance. Now you know why it is angry! When the bug- bear rushed into the beast's lair. Within a second. It bel- lows with rage and pain.

It's too late to flee. One whole flank is scorched and burned. Maybe my friend Caric was right! I shall go home and tell my tale and if my wife and the others don't believe it. That's more than anyone else can brag about! Maybe I'm not so little. Lauras finds his way back to the opening in the rock and.

I've been to the wizard's lair twice now and I'm still alive. I will return to my village and tell his story so that his memory will live. As for myself. Everything we find comes to me to be divided. Take this!

If you do not wish to attack the goblins. Maces and short swords h a n g from their belts. You see two goblins coming toward you. They are four feet tall. I'm in charge of this job. One of them carries a torch. If you wish to attack the goblins. The two goblins must be miners.

Dungeon of dread

One of them argues over the ownership of a stone the other holds. We'll talk about it later! When I give the signal. He takes some more cloth from your pouch. It falls to the ground. It rolls out from under you and swings its sword into your shoulder. As the goblins pass by. You take the goblin by surprise. Just do as I say. The goblin crumples onto the ground. Before Skrag can draw its sword. You take some cloth from your pouch and begin to bind the wound.

I've never seen anything so pretty! Handing it back. Lauras stumbles and falls to the ground. The passage on your left opens into a small room. Soon the corridor divides. The passage on the right is dimly lit and silent. He sits on the ground. The two of you cover all signs of struggle in the area and continue down the corridor. You reach for your sword. He grabs a rock and starts to throw it against a wall. The pups also disappear. From the light of the torches in the corridor.

Suddenly the adult dog disap- pears and then reappears a full three feet away from where it first stood. It's an emerald as large as a pigeon's egg. They are yap- ping. Show them who's the master. If you wish to attack them. Chase the mutts away! If you decide to try to make friends with them. They like to chase me because I'm so little. They're smart and hard to hit if you have to fight them. You collapse onto the ground.

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