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Best Kept Secret is a novel by Jeffrey Archer and the third book in his Clifton Chronicles series. The book was released on 14 March and follows . Start by marking “Best Kept Secret (The Clifton Chronicles, #3)” as Want to Read: The Lord Chancellor’s deciding vote will cast a long shadow on the lives of Harry Clifton and Giles Barrington. See all 5 questions about Best Kept Secret. Best Kept Secret, the third book in Jeffrey Archer's gripping family saga The Clifton Chronicles, will answer all these questions, but once again.

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Best Kept Secret Book

I finished the third book of Jeffrey Archer's The Clifton Chronicles, Best Kept Secret (). Book 2, The Sins of the Father, not only left with an unanswered cliff. Editorial Reviews. From Publishers Weekly. Starred Review. An artful blend of colorful Best Kept Secret (The Clifton Chronicles series Book 3) - Kindle edition by Jeffrey Archer. Download it once and read it on your Kindle device, PC, phones. Is his life in danger? Best Kept Secret, the third volume in Jeffrey Archer's bestselling series, will answer all these questions but, once again, pose so many more.

International bestselling author Jeffrey Archer's mesmerizing saga of the Clifton and Barrington families continues. London, Who shall inherit the Barrington family fortune? The vote in the House of Lords has ended in a tie. Harry returns to America to promote his latest novel while Emma goes in search of the little girl who was found abandoned in her father's office on the night he was killed. When the general election is called, Giles Barrington has to defend his seat in the House of Commons and is horrified to discover who the Conservatives select to stand against him. But it is Sebastian Clifton, Harry and Emma's son, who ultimately influences his uncle's fate. In , Sebastian wins a scholarship to Cambridge, and a new generation of the Clifton family marches onto the page. But after Sebastian is expelled from school, he unwittingly becomes caught up in an international art fraud involving a Rodin statue that is worth far more than the sum it raises at auction. Does he become a millionaire? Does he go to Cambridge? Is his life in danger? Archer plays a cat-and-mouse game with the reader. I guarantee that anyone who takes this book from the shelves will not be able to put it down. Jeffrey Archer was educated at Oxford University.

The third instalment of the Clifton Chronicles. As usual, the author churns out a thrilling series with new characters added. The third book is more about the life of Sebastian Clifton. It seems like somewhat like a replay of Harry Clifton's childhood. Enter Harry's old foe Alex Fisher who tries to Barringtons' company along with Giles' wife a new character , almost jeopardising the political career of Giles. Enter Don Pedro another new character , who plays with the life of Sebastian.

The boo The third instalment of the Clifton Chronicles. The books in this series always ends with a nail biting suspense which spills over to the next book in the series and you are bound to pick up the next book. Will take a break here before picking up 4!! Mar 09, Pamela rated it really liked it Shelves: Third installment, three times the drama; a bit overly dramatic at times, verging on a melodramatic soap-opera feel.

Not my thing. Perhaps that's because I'm neither 'Young nor Restless'. Oh my, no parent wants to get a call like that!!!

Four stars - enough to entice me into reading the fou Third installment, three times the drama; a bit overly dramatic at times, verging on a melodramatic soap-opera feel. Four stars - enough to entice me into reading the fourth installment: Aug 10, Tracy rated it it was amazing.

I'm really enjoying this series. It's a family saga I suppose you could call it but it's not too soap opera-ish that it bothers you. Instead, early on you fall in love with the main characters and then of course you follow their lives and get all tangled up in what happens, always hoping for the best and preparing for the worst. Mar 15, Sunethra Mahidhar rated it liked it.

As tradition, I've been downloading the copies of the Clifton Chronicles the day it released. Best Kept Secret, the third out of four of the chronicles was no different. It was even more special because it was a one of a kind autographed by the author himself copy.

The book has an unsual beginning. The demise of Lord Harvey seems mysterious. More like the author deliberately kills him so that Giles Barrington could win the vote. Following this, Harry and Emma begin their search for adoption. Jessica Clifton, who has an unfortunate character sketch for an introduction brings nothing but joy in the Manor. At this point, the book lacks pace.

There are a lot of entry and exit strategies of the characters. The strategies are well planned but are a little confusing. The death of Elizabeth Barrington makes Giles a wise person. The divorce with Lady Virginia seemed like a good luck charm for the Barringtons. The old Fisher-Clifton-Barrington rivalry is taken to a whole new level as Virginia takes Fisher's side in order to destroy Giles.

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Fisher stands against Giles for the forthcoming elections. Sebastian Clifton's role as the doted and smart nephew is well appriciated. Thanks to Sebastian's sharp eyes and wit Giles wins the elections. Just when things seem to fall in place, Sebastian causes a a list of unfortunate events. He gets expelled from school leaving him in a Cat-on-the-wall situation about his admission at Cambridge.

He is taken advantage of by his best mate Bruno's father for transferring smuggled artefacts in the name of an import and export trade. The entry of more new characters makes it a little difficult for the reader to relate. Overall, I would give the book a three on five.

If you haven't read the chronicles preceeding this, you will have no idea about what it is all about. Both the book and my review. The author concludes this chronicle leaving the readers deal with their curiosity about what could happen in the lives of these characters in the chronicle to follow.

View all 4 comments. Oct 02, Eddie Owens rated it it was ok. Jeff churns these out at two or three books a year and they continue to sell in their millions. Basically, he's the ultimate storyteller, who doesn't let character development or dialogue get in the way. Always easy reading and you are never bored for too long, before he chucks in another twist.

Who am I to criticize, when he's sold two hundred million books. Mar 13, Pooja Jeevagan rated it liked it. I liked the beginning of the series I really did I expected a lot from this one, I actually did I was surprised when it was confirmed it has moved from a series of three to a series of And then, I was speechless, when I realized that the author is planning to increase the series to even 7 or Thi I liked the beginning of the series This book starts off well I actually have no complains It is decent Another fun, and fast installment in the Clifton Chronicles.

This one is set in post-WWW2 England and there are some really great moments regarding an inheritance trial, a decedents will, a contested election between old foes and the smuggling of Nazi forged currency back into England.

This book is short on character development but long on action and the plot a Another fun, and fast installment in the Clifton Chronicles. This book is short on character development but long on action and the plot actually drives the character development. And just like book 2, this book ends with another cliffhanger and so I am happily going to begin Book 4 later today.

Oh, if only the non-fiction books that I am reading could flow so effortlessly and easily. Love this series!! Jun 20, Luffy rated it it was ok Shelves: Some random thoughts about Best Kept Secret.

It wouldn't matter much if the relevant sections of his villainy made sense or were exciting. The first two chapters were so perfect but it didn't last. It's been quite some time since I felt detached towards the fortunes and misfortunes of characters in a readable book.

I usually care too much, especially in contemporary fiction. That detachment and involvement soon gave way to indifference. The book ended on a cliffhanger. I might however, not rise to the bait and avoid the unavoidable sequel. Sebastian, son of Emma and Harry is a handful as a toddler and becomes more so as he grows. His half-sister Jessica is given a back seat to Sebastian's spotlight, though I sense and hope given the length of the series she will be given her place in the sun. The saga has moved into the nineteen fifties.

Women are taking their place in the workforce and starting to be heard more in politics. History moves quietly in the background in this book. But isn't that just way of life? Rarely do we live with historic bombshells on a daily basis. Yes, there is the occasional blast that shakes us to our core, but history is there being made quietly on a daily basis.

I like that about this author and his writing style.

This author has more than his share of critics and that's only to be expected. But in my opinion, Jeffrey Archer writes a good tale and keeps me coming back for more. Apr 06, Imsathya rated it did not like it. Mr Archer appears to be seeing too many movies of the 50s and 60s. The dries starred with "Only Time will tell"- and I think Time has told.

Mr Archer, its about time you give your pen a rest. Your imagination appears to have dried up and you present one cliche after another for us to swallow.

The characters have all become uni-dimensional. There is no spark here, as the one Massie and Old Jack and Emma brought to the first two books. The people have become boring and the plot seems taken right o Mr Archer appears to be seeing too many movies of the 50s and 60s. The people have become boring and the plot seems taken right out of a B-grade Hollywood script of the 50s. We now have all the baddies ganging up to train their guns again on the good Barringtons.

Summary and reviews of Best Kept Secret by Jeffrey Archer

I wish them luck but sadly, I would not know how they get along. For, I ain't going to spend any more time and money on this series any more. Feb 05, Dave rated it really liked it Shelves: This entire series has been very good. I usually stop after 3 but I may go on and read 4 and 5. Apr 24, Natasa rated it it was amazing Shelves: I just love the way Archer weaves the story with so many strands. He continues to keep us interested by giving us just enough information to tell the main plot but leaves out enough info so we keep reading on to find out what happens.

Archer takes on many exciting adventures and weaves them all into one fantastic story. A saga continua com o mesmo interesse do primeiro. Leitura compulsiva e emocionante. May 02, Amruta rated it it was ok. So, here's another disappointing venture by Mr. Archer, a man who has previously written so many wonderful books! This is the third book in the Clifton Chronicles series. While I loved the first one, namely 'Only Time Will Tell', the second one 'The Sins of the Father' dragged so much in the climax, it became almost impossible to complete.

The third one is even worse!

It picks up from where the second book ended - with the mysterious death of Lord Harvey, and the much-too-convenient hung vote of So, here's another disappointing venture by Mr. It picks up from where the second book ended - with the mysterious death of Lord Harvey, and the much-too-convenient hung vote of the jury as to who would succeed Hugo Barrington as heir.

After an elaborate thought process that only Mr. Archer thinks will interest the readers, a verdict is announced, and without much repercussions gives way to another pages of description about the MP elections of the Bristol docklands, and the stupidity of Sir Giles Barrington Read: All this constitutes more than half of the book.

It is filled with information so trivial, boring, and tediously detailed that one might as well start reading the book from somewhere in the middle. Then the book becomes slightly interesting, as Mr. As soon as I began to think that, okay, now we are getting to learn something new, that Mr. Archer suddenly turns his attention and several pages to a huge Thinker statue and the nails which keep its base fixed, and Lo!

Why, just why do you think, Mr. Archer, that we would want to read long descriptions about how a carpenter removes the nails from the base of a statue? Not only does the story seem uninspired, but also the characters with the exception of Sebastian and Jessica Clifton the latter kinda' seemed to be central at one point in the book, but was totally forgotten about later seem boring and uni-dimensional.

If Mr. Archer were writing a screenplay, I would have understood, but he most certainly is no Jane Austen who could describe even the mundane of the mundane incidents so beautifully. He should have clubbed the second and third parts of this series and made a book of pages out of them - at least then this series would have made some sense to me. Oh, and yes, the reason the book has been named 'Best Kept Secret' is the only best kept secret in the book!

The only reasons I am not giving this book 1 star are that I completed reading it, and might still want to browse through the 4th book of the series.

Sigh, what a pity! My review can also be found on my blog http: At times he frustrates me, because he can make an allusion to something, but then not spell out the implications for something that was said or that happened because we are meant to read between the lines.

But I do like how he weaves his stories together with events in the past foreshadowing later events. Jun 22, Rahul Huilgol rated it liked it. It's a decent book. A typical Archer book with those twists and turns. He does know how to hold a reader's interest. Needless to say, like the previous novels in the series, it also has a cliffhanger ending.

I'm sure those who haven't read much of Archer will love it. But for someone who has read a lot of his books, it gives you a Deja Vu feel. He is repeating himself. It has many elements that we have already seen in 'Not a Penny more All in all, if you have been fo It's a decent book. All in all, if you have been following the series you will read this no matter what. And after reading it, you will say this was at best, average, but not bad for a quick light read.

The way he gave us a quick recap of the previous books was nice! Dec 19, Kerri Duff rated it it was amazing. I'll skip details about the plot, but I am so invested in these characters. As well as Harry, Emma and Giles still holding center stage, Sebastian Clifton is now older and becoming a more major character.

I'm anxious to start the fourth book, but it'll be at least a week or two before I can - so I'll be left wondering about things for a while! Apr 12, Tanuja Thapliyal rated it did not like it.

Its pretty below the mark than its predecessors. There is no story just lofty words. Whole pages go for a toss without any story. Not good. Archer is just dragging the series to make it more than 7,8 books its waste of time to read it.

Best Kept Secret by Jeffrey Archer – digested read

Ar bus nuobodu? Ar verta skaityti toliau? Geras serialas, nei pigus muilas May 04, Nilesh rated it liked it. After the latest episode, I believe even more strongly that Clifton Chronicles should have been one mega-novel rather than broken into five.

Clearly, this would not have favoured the author - either in terms of the readership large books tend to be read by far less or revenues, but the reader suffers enormously with the split. The author does a reasonably good job of bringing the reader up to speed with the relevant details of the previous two books although it makes the start of the novel some After the latest episode, I believe even more strongly that Clifton Chronicles should have been one mega-novel rather than broken into five.

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